Who Met with Biden Admin Just Before Indictments Levied

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

The political left would love for you to believe that they are justified in going after former President Donald Trump and that it has nothing to do with who’s currently in the White House. But if that’s the case, why are Jack Smith’s legal team members regularly meeting with the White House?

A Sunday report by The New York Post revealed that just weeks before Trump was indicted on charges regarding a supposed “mishandling of classified documents,” members of the White House counsel’s office and Special Counsel Jack Smith had a meeting.

Per the report, close aid to Smith, Jay Bratt, met with the deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office, Caroline Saba, visitor logs prove. This occurred on March 31, just nine weeks before Jack Smith indicted Trump.

It was also reported that FBI agent Danielle Ray of the Washington field office also attended the meeting.


I doubt it – especially after it was discovered that this isn’t the first time Bratt met with either Saba or had interactions in the case. In fact, the other meeting with Saba at the White House even took place before the investigation into Trump’s “mishandling” was even formally opened.

Then later, in June 2022, Bratt even went down to Mar-a-Lago himself to inspect a few storage facilities on the property and speak with Trump. During this visit, he attempted to blackmail a member of Trump’s staff, a valet named Walt Nauta, who was also investigated as part of the case.

According to Trump’s lawyer, Stanley Woodward, Bratt tried to get Nauta to turn on Trump and start working for the prosecution by saying he could pull some strings involving a recent application Nauta had made for a local judge’s position.

Bratt also met with an advisor to the White House chief of staff’s office, Katherine Reily, in September 2021.

And yet, they want to claim that nothing fishy is going on between the White House and the Department of Justice. Yeah, I don’t think so…