Conservative Reporter Abruptly De-Banked without Explanation

Andrey_Popov /
An independent conservative journalist has had her Bank of America account shut down without warning or explanation. Christina Urso, who also goes by the online moniker of Radix Verum, says Bank of America wouldn’t even allow her to withdraw her funds to try to find another bank to do business with. While she has received […]


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Michael Vi /
Democrat-controlled California consistently has problems keeping anything they do on a budget. Unable to make a straightforward plan ...Read More

It’s Now Cheaper To Visit the Moon Than Build a Railroad in California

Gordon Donovan /
Twenty-three-year-old Joshua Cobb, 23, of Trenton, New Jersey, has been charged with posting statements about his “interest” in beco ...Read More

Marine’s Plot to “Cause Mayhem on the White Community” Uncovered 

mark reinstein /
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is learning that politics is a dog-eat-dog world.  Due to non-canine-related issues, South Dakota ...Read More

No Home for Noem: Now Banned in 20% of Her Own State 

FellowNeko /
Following another Biden campaign speech touting his economic “success,” even CNN was forced to admit that many of his claims were “f ...Read More

CNN Releases Fact Check for Some Important Biden Claims, And It’s Not Good For Team Biden 

Andrea Raffin /
Michael Moore is no stranger to outrageously progressive viewpoints that are frequently exaggerated and, frankly, stupid. He is the ...Read More

Michael Moore is Back and as Stupid as Ever, Claims Outside Agitators Had No Part in Campus Protests 

Ringo Chiu /
During his 2012 divorce from wife number two, RFK, Jr. said that doctors found a dead worm in his brain. Initially, Kennedy says, th ...Read More

RFK Jr Makes Astonishing Confession: He Had a Brain-Eating Parasite 

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Tada Images /
DEA Administrator Anne Milgram recently spoke out once again, pointing the finger at China for fueling the fentanyl crisis in Americ ...Read More

DEA Reveals Chinese Companies Directly Linked to Opioid Epidemic
In a twist to the ongoing saga surrounding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, court documents recently reveal a tale of selective doc ...Read More

FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Obsession Exposed in Trump Valet’s Unsealed Testimony

JHVEPhoto /
The President of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Sally Kornbluth, seems to be bucking the trend, holding onto her t ...Read More

MIT Accused of Coercing Jewish Grads to Sponsor Anti-Israel Activism

Sean Pavone /
Seattle’s city government has been bankrupted by Joe Biden’s treasonous open border policies. The sanctuary city no longer has any a ...Read More

Illegal Aliens Besiege Seattle Park, Demand Full Welfare-for-Life

meunierd /
A “nonprofit” organization in San Francisco that is allegedly dedicated to fighting homelessness has found itself in hot water follo ...Read More

Homeless Nonprofit Blows $240M in Taxpayer Money While Not Reducing Homelessness

Ground Picture /
The FBI is up to its usual dirty and illegal tricks when it comes to presidential election interference on behalf of the Democrat Pa ...Read More

Secret Service Finds FBI Wiretap Planted in Donald Trump’s Office at Mar-a-Lago


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Nigerian Leader Says a US Ultimatum Destroyed Military Relationship /
Nigeria has proven that America has no place in dictating what a country should be allowed to do.   Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamin ...Read More

Watts the Problem? EV Chargers Under Attack by Copper-Hungry Crooks

Owlie Productions /
So, picture this: you roll up to the electric vehicle charging station ready to juice up your ride, only to discover that some geniu ...Read More

Bad News for Biden: RFK Could Make the Ballot in All 50 States

lev radin /
Back in October, it looked as if Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign was completely doomed. His entire campaign field staf ...Read More

Congress Drops the Ball: $34 Trillion in Debt and No Plan in Sight

zimmytws /
Six months have slipped by since the newly minted House Speaker, Mike Johnson, boldly declared it was high time to tackle America’s ...Read More

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