Taxpayer Dollars at Work: $1,000 Pre-paid Credit Cards for Migrants

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In the latest “Only in New York” moment, the city has turned taxpayer dollars into an ultimate luxury adventure for migrant families: 28-day rechargeable pre-paid cards loaded with a cool $1,000. Yes, you heard that right. Instead of offering the Statue of Liberty’s torch as a beacon of hope, NYC is now flashing a green light in the form of plastic money.

According to the New York Post, in response to the growing number of migrants, New York City has announced a $53 million initiative to distribute pre-paid credit cards to help support the basic needs of illegal migrants. The Mayor’s office has partnered with Mobility Capital Finance to launch this “great free” program. Yes, sir, it’s a good day to be a migrant in New York. On the other hand, it’s not so good if you are a struggling U.S. citizen, watching your tax dollars mostly likely go to help someone who is here illegally.

The program is designed to aid migrants in covering food costs while they wait for work permits from the federal government. Yes, you read that right. Migrants can take their time looking for jobs to steal from people who were actually born here or are here by legal means.   The “lucky migrants magic credit cards” can be used exclusively at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

Here’s an even more interesting tidbit: they don’t trust the migrants they plan to help. Yes, that is right; they require that participants sign an affidavit that they will spend the funds solely on food and supplies for infants, stipulating that misuse will result in expulsion from the program. One wonders what democratic genius wrote this ridiculous program. Based on the wording in the above stipulation, the cards can probably be used anywhere.

Do they honestly believe that making migrants stipulate to use it on food and baby care will work? Of course, there is no “Card Police” to watch and verify that it is being used responsibly. Even more hilarious is the fact that the illegal migrant only gets booted out of the program. They don’t get booted out of the state or the country. They don’t even have to pay it back.

The program, known as The Immediate Response Card initiative, is similar to the state’s food stamp program, SNAP. Additional notes on this program state that the amount loaded onto each card will vary based on family size and income status. For example, a family of four could be eligible for up to $1,000 a month, or $35 daily, with recharges happening every 28 days.

Mobility Capital Finance CEO Wole Coaxum expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with New York City, highlighting the dual goals of providing asylum seekers with the means to buy nutritious, prepared meals and widening access to financial services for those traditionally marginalized from the banking sector. This, he noted, would also bolster the local economy.

The program will initially be available to a pilot group of 500 migrants, with plans to expand its reach to the entire migrant population in New York City, currently estimated at 15,000. Mayor Adams’ spokesperson, Kayla Mamelak, underscored the initiative’s benefits, noting that it allows families to purchase culturally appropriate fresh food and select baby supplies as needed. Moreover, the pilot program is projected to save the city over $600,000 monthly, translating to more than $7.2 million in annual savings.

How, you ask, is this going to save NYC money? Apparently, the sanctuary city has been shelling out about $11 per meal to feed migrant families in hotels. It was discovered last month that the controversial company DocGo was wasting thousands of dollars on uneaten meals.

What’s next? Laptops so migrants can become influencers. They will already have an audience at home wanting to know how they are surviving in New York.