When Everything Else Has Failed, Liberals Suddenly Claim Musk Has a Drug Problem

For years now, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has been rated as a largely central publication. It’s not that their publication doesn’t have a political bias; rather, the liberal bias ever-present in their articles has been ignored due to the occasional pro-conservative piece. So, when they published a piece on February 4th to tarnish Musk’s good name with anonymous members of the board allegedly accusing him of being an addict it wasn’t shocking.

Written as a follow-on report to a January story in the Washington Post, it detailed allegations of Musk’s drug use. It also included concerns by executive and board members about his well-being but put forth a strong focus on the tight financial ties the board of directors has with Tesla and Musk directly. With joint vacations and heavy investments in each other’s companies, the WSJ targeted the piece like he’s the cotter pin everything is fixed on.

As the WSJ pointed out, the directors of Tesla have earned hundreds of millions in stock options by working with Tesla for so long. In many cases, significantly more than board members at other companies would have earned. They caution that this potentially could make the board far less likely to think independently from Musk’s train of thought. They worry that it will essentially put his companies under nothing but his control.

While they acknowledged speaking to employees of SpaceX and Tesla who claim to have first-hand knowledge of his drug use, the publication claims their sources say they are unwilling to bring it up to him. Of the concerns listed, the biggest one has been the volume of drugs he reportedly consumes. Allegations of cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, mushrooms, and prescription ketamine use run rampant, but all come with no evidence or anyone taking steps to support these claims.

Of the people who are allegedly close to him and concerned, they claim they stay quiet and gave in to doing drugs with Musk because he’s made them all rich beyond their wildest dreams. They figure if they partake with him, they’ll be able to stay in his good graces and keep the gravy train rolling on.

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison was rumored to have taken an interest in his friend’s tumble into drug abuse and allegedly offered up his island in Hawaii to Musk in 2022 to help him detox and relax away from it all. Reportedly, this was an offer that other friends encouraged Musk to undertake, but no proof has surfaced.

In response to the article on February 5th, Musk took to his platform, X/Twitter, to respond in a series of tweets. “First, no one has ever mentioned rehab to me ever. Second, if they are saying that I was able to lead Tesla to be by far the most valuable carmaker and SpaceX to be by far the most valuable space company *simultaneously*, that is the greatest compliment I have ever received!”

Coincidentally, these allegations come after a Delaware chancery judge suddenly voided Musk’s $56 billion clemency package following a lawsuit from a shareholder who sued. The suit alleged that Musk’s 2018 compensation package was dictated by Musk and failed to undergo proper negotiations. In the suit that voided his contract, Delaware Chancery Court Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick worried about the precedent she would be setting. Especially with so many companies headquartered in Delaware.

“Delaware courts have been presented with this question thrice before when more adroit judges found ways to avoid definitively resolving it. This decision dares to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before,’ or at least where no Delaware court has tread.”

Frankly, this is the kind of article from the WSJ to try and punish Musk for his success in business without promoting a DEI-based agenda. His decision to embrace the “best man for the job” mentality that once made America the best nation on the planet is what has made his companies successful. When rags like the WSJ publish tabloid rumors like these, they are done just to discredit someone who proved that you can come from nothing and make it.