Kamala Harris’ Fragile Political Fortitude: Shaken by Conservative Media, Stirred by ‘Morning Joe’

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

It appears that Vice President Kamala Harris lacks the intellectual capacity to consider alternative viewpoints, as Aristotle beautifully said in his work on political resilience. Unexpected insecurity in the second-in-command has now come to light as she seemingly caves into the conservative media’s dissonant notes, especially when she departs from the reassuring echo chamber of ‘Morning Joe.’

The Axios exposé titled “Inside Biden’s obsession with ‘Morning Joe'” not only offers a peek into President Biden’s media preferences but inadvertently sheds light on Harris’ penchant for seeking solace in the cozy embrace of MSNBC’s morning show. Co-host Joe Scarborough, once a Republican congressman turned vocal Trump critic, has transformed into an unofficial advisor to the President, influencing policy discussions and shaping Biden’s perspective.

The real head-scratcher, however, lies in the revelation that Kamala Harris shares this adulation for ‘Morning Joe.’ So much so that she hosted a dinner for the co-host couple at the vice presidential residence. However, the plot thickens when Harris ventures beyond the comforting embrace of MSNBC and stumbles into the uncharted territory of conservative media, specifically Fox News.

According to Axios, Harris occasionally tunes in to Fox News and, brace yourself, even watches ‘The Five’—a predominantly conservative, humor-infused news program. The shocking twist? Exposure to these divergent viewpoints reportedly sends Harris into a state of “high anxiety.” It’s a perplexing revelation, considering her pivotal role in the administration and her proximity to the presidency.

In a political landscape where resilience is not just desirable but an absolute necessity, Harris’ vulnerability to media narratives is disconcerting. The report indicates that Fox News’ portrayal of her, initially as Biden’s puppeteer and later as incompetent, has a profound impact on her mental state. It raises legitimate questions about her ability to weather the storms of criticism and navigate the complexities of leadership.

While President Biden seeks affirmation in the warm glow of media outlets that sing his praises, Harris appears to crumble under the weight of dissenting voices. The revelation that she finds herself in a state of distress due to Fox News’ coverage highlights a concerning lack of political fortitude, especially for someone in her position.

Harris is grappling with historically low approval ratings in the real world, making her the least popular vice president in modern history, as polls consistently reveal. Her struggles with the border crisis and a penchant for word salads have not escaped public scrutiny despite the LA Times’ attempt to present her as a shining star.

It is widely acknowledged in Washington, D.C., that Harris is a drag on the Biden ticket. The op-ed’s attempts to paint her as an influential and confident leader fall flat in the face of this open secret. The President’s reported willingness to replace her underscores the administration’s challenges, which the LA Times seems keen to overlook in its questionable pursuit of positively portraying Harris.

In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Harris displayed a striking disconnect from reality by attributing their plummeting approval ratings to a failure to take “adequate credit” for their achievements. This stance, coupled with her reported anxiety over conservative media coverage, paints a troubling picture of a leader seemingly insulated from the harsh realities facing the nation.

Though not directly addressing political resilience, Aristotle did emphasize the importance of withstanding diverse opinions and criticism—an invaluable lesson for any leader. The chasm between Harris’ apparent anxiety over Fox News commentary and this age-old wisdom raises red flags about her preparedness for the challenges inherent in high office.

As we navigate the nuances of contemporary politics, witnessing a key figure succumb to media-induced distress is disheartening. It’s time for Harris to reevaluate her information sources, embrace a more robust political backbone, and cultivate the resilience necessary for effective leadership. In a world that demands steadfastness, her apparent vulnerability to conservative critiques could be a liability the Biden administration cannot afford.