Taxpayers Fund Drug-Filled Sex Dens in NYC’s Illegal Alien Housing

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New York City’s status as a sanctuary city has given way to a massive influx of people in the last few months. As border states like Texas relocate their recent illegal immigrant influx to the cities that claim they want to deal with the problem, NYC has been the main place for them to end up being placed.

In response to the influx, the city has been forced to buy out entire hotels to turn the rooms into a sanctuary for the new illegals. Yet this choice from Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has, instead, turned these hotels into sex dens with people partying, drinking, and doing drugs all night. At The Row NYC, where Adams has been placing most of the illegals, one migrant told the New York Post (NYP) all about the living situation.

“People [are] drinking aguardiente and smoking weed outside all night since we can’t bring that in. The police have come and pushed them out some nights so now they gather at the corners. I’ve seen 12-, 13-year-olds drinking and smoking outside — a lot of the Venezuelan kids with the men. These kids … they don’t have structure or good role models. My kids are not allowed to follow that and hang out there. They know better,” said the anonymous migrant.

A former employee at The Row NYC, Carlos Arellano spoke to the NYP as well. He shared stories about kids getting drunk and doing drugs every shift. Another former employee also talked about illegals trying to fight the staff, doing drugs openly in the lobby, and having sex in various public places.

With over 70,000 illegals taken to NYC since the spring of 2022, Gov Gregg Abbot (R-TX) has been bussing them to the city to help alleviate the strain on his border cities and the already overran resources for illegals in his state. As the federal government has been leaving much of its care up to the states, Abbott’s decision was not surprising.

Turning them over to a city that is not only founded extensively on immigrants but that also has a tremendous infrastructure for dealing with thousands of visitors was an incredibly intelligent decision. Yet Adams has been making poor decisions with these lucrative contracts, as the incredibly powerful real estate industry in the city has been taking advantage of these nearly blank checks and giving the bare minimum in return.

Legendary locations like the Roosevelt Hotel are reporting over $75 million in income from the taxpayers as they take care of the never-ending stream of illegal aliens. As it stands, Adams claims that the illegals are currently occupying over half of the hotel rooms across NYC.

Much like Florida, the people of NYC are largely dependent on the tourism that comes to NYC for business and pleasure trips. These tourists keep corner shops and tourist gifts flowing out of the city at a tremendous rate while leaving behind their money and taxes in droves. Yet the illegals aren’t buying gifts or visiting restaurants. Instead, they are stealing it or being given it by the taxpayers at no cost to them.

At this point, the mayor of NYC is treating these illegals better than the poor people of NYC who cannot afford a place to call home. This decision undermines the voting base that the democrats have relied on for decades, but with more democratic voters being garnered by allowing illegals to vote in local elections, Adams is more than making up for the votes he’ll lose by ignoring the poor native people of NYC.

If President Biden fulfills his plan to flood the country with illegals, the Republican party could be doomed. Especially as his plans for making them American citizens gain traction, and rumblings start to spread across Capitol Hill. Before the 2024 Presidential elections, there will be huge changes being presented for how people vote here in the US.

Just think, all of this is being paid for by the taxpayers too. Nothing like paying to kill ourselves.