Target is Forced to Change Plans for Future Pride Months Due to Conservatives

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Kirkam /

We all know Target, the retail giant, tends to be slightly left-leaning. So it was no surprise they took such a hard stance on promoting “Pride” month and LGBT agendas this year. But that doesn’t mean that conservatives let them get away with it.

In fact, according to a recent company conference call, Target will have to change up their “pride” month plans for the future due to how much they lost on those efforts this year.

If you didn’t notice or hadn’t heard, Target crossed a line this year by not only promoting “pride” retail products but also selling things like children’s “tuck-friendly” swimsuits and other pro-LGBT merchandise.

While some parents and conservatives might have looked the other way when Target adopted rainbow shirts and whatnot, “tuck-friendly” kids’ clothing grates on a completely different, and to be frank, quite sickening nerve.

As a result, sales this year dropped rather drastically.

No, Target didn’t see quite the disastrous problems that have beleaguered Anheuser Busch, specifically Bud Light. But as Target’s chief growth officer, Christian Hennington, said in the Wednesday conference call, they faced “headwinds” that severely affected their bottom line.

According to the company’s chief financial officer, Michael Fiddelke, both store traffic and “top-line trends” were affected.

And as CEO Brian Cornell admitted, second-quarter profits were dampened. That began in earnest around mid-May, when it was noted that sales went down more than three percent. Then in June, during actual “pride month,” sales dropped even further to around 7 percent. July saw losses remaining at 5 percent.

Overall, total revenue was down for Target’s second quarter by 4.9 percent. And sales for the store’s third quarter aren’t expected to improve.

It’s enough “headwinds” that Cornell says they will have to rethink a few things about how they handle “pride” month in the future. While he says they’ll remain committed to such “heritage” moments, they’ll have to “focus” their “assortment of merchandise” more next year.

So, way to go, conservatives. Keep this up, and maybe the left will eventually get the message.