State Dems Pass Sweeping Gun Control Bill

Stephanie Frey /
Stephanie Frey /

It’s become blatantly clear in recent years that the political left has no respect for our Second Amendment or our right to defend ourselves, whether that be against criminals or the government itself. And Massachusetts just made that point ever more real.

As you know, Massachusetts, the home of liberals such as Ayanna Presley and Elizabeth Warren, is a pretty blue state. As such, they already have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. And thanks to the state’s rather small size, it also has some of the lowest gun crime numbers.

But of course, none of that came into play when the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts House of Representatives passed yet another sweeping gun control bill on Wednesday. The bill, known as H 4135, will now be sent off to the state’s senate, where it will most likely be passed as well, given that it is also Democratically run with a whopping 36 Dems to just three Republicans.

So, what does the new bill include?

Well, a number of things, pretty much all of which make it harder for legal, law-abiding citizens to own and operate firearms, let alone protect themselves.

As the Associated Press reported, Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners’ Action League, says, “All of it goes against us, the lawful people. There’s nothing in there that goes after the criminals.”

For example, one part of the bill focuses on expanding ‘red flag’ laws in the state, which many claim has become an effective way to eliminate due process. The 125-page bill also seeks to impose new “safe storage” rules for both inside and outside of homes.

Of course, an expanded gun registry program has been proposed, as have additional fees and other “financial burdens” that the NRA Institute for Legislative Action says are a way to price gun owners out of their Second Amendment rights.

Oh, and it would ban firearms from being present in public places like polling locations, government buildings, and schools. The state’s ban on so-called assault weapons will be tightened. And “ghost guns” will be cracked down on even more.

According to Wallace, this is really nothing but a temper “tantrum” put on by the left in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to expand individual gun rights and carry permits in public.

It also seems to make no real sense beyond wanting to control the American public more. As I mentioned above, Massachusetts, in particular, already has the lowest rate of firearm fatalities nationwide. Combine that with their already strict gun law, and it’s easy to see why critics don’t understand the reason for the new bill.

Plus, as Wallace said, it does nothing to disincentivize criminals. As you know, criminals, by the very definition of that term, have no problem breaking the law and getting ahold of things they aren’t supposed to. So, adding a few more rules about guns isn’t going to do anything.

If those kinds of things did work, then why do leftist-run cities that already have strict gun laws (like Chicago and Philadelphia) still have major gun problems and shootings?

Of course, things are only made worse when the same people who enact such ridiculous gun laws also allow criminals to run free, thanks to their many soft-on-crime and anti-police policies. Policies that cities nationwide are seeing falling on their face.

Wallace is right. The only thing these laws are doing is hurting law-abiding American citizens who are merely trying to protect themselves, their rights, and their loved ones.