Sexual Assault Suspect Allegedly Left Lumped Up by Two Good Samaritans / /

These days, Good Samaritans aren’t found too often. At least not in the sense that we need them to be found. When they do show up, their impact sends a ripple through the ether and permanently changes the perspectives of the people involved.

On October 4th, a California woman alleges that she was reaching into her car at the McDonald’s on Edinger Avenue and Pacific Street when a man reached out and groped her. Quickly, the man ran off as she called 911. Meanwhile, two men who witnessed the attack gave chase. According to a second 911 call, two unknown men were seen chasing and then raining down blows on an unknown man.

When officers arrived on the scene, the man was half-conscious and still in the middle of W. Stanford Street. During their investigation, they learned the man was Xavier Rashawn Moore, 31, of Santa Ana. Homeless and with prior arrests for indecent exposure, drugs, and lewd acts with a minor, he seemed a likely fit for the nearby sexual assault call.

As the police continued their investigation, Moore spit out a bag containing a substance resembling meth or heroin. When asked about the substance, Moore acted confused about what it was, if he spit it out, or how it got there. What he did claim was that he knew nothing was inside the bag, and it wasn’t his. All trademarks of someone who knows exactly what it was and is afraid of the consequences.

Unable to be taken in for further investigation in this state, an ambulance was radioed for. Moore was placed under arrest and taken to the hospital while handcuffed. Two days later, Moore succumbed to brain death that stemmed from an underlying medical complication, according to SAPD spokesperson Natalie Garcia. While the Orange County District Attorney is piecing together the details about the case, no charges have been filed.

Honestly, we need vigilante Good Samaritans on our streets. They make it so people who look to do the wrong thing might think twice. They are the quick response when minutes count the most. From inner cities to rural towns, law enforcement can often be too far away to make a major difference at a moment’s notice, and that’s how quickly they are needed in cases like this one.

These two brave men chose to risk life and limb in defense of someone they didn’t know. Not knowing if the suspect was armed, on drugs, or perhaps running into an ambush, they still gave chase and were accepting of any potential consequences for such bravery. In 2023 this is a rare thing.

It used to be these kinds of men could be found everywhere you looked. They were proud to be men. To stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves, and they worried about doing what was morally right, and not about being politically correct. Bringing them back could mean the restoration of law and order in the US. It could mean people are more afraid to commit crimes like this.

Leaving people lumped up and waiting for the police might not be the thing to do in the eyes of the law of man. However, there are laws of God, and those say that a sexual assault like this is outside of bounds and a mortal sin. Something that they can pay for with up to and including their lives. For these criminals, when Good Samaritans like these two show up randomly, this is simply God’s way of having someone to step in for him and right the wrong.

Most Americans won’t learn about Moore or how he died. It’s a shame, too, because this needs to be dominating the media rather than more divisive rhetoric.