FBI Accused of Stealing $500 Million Civil War Treasure Site

Popel Arseniy / shutterstock.com
Popel Arseniy / shutterstock.com

Ever wonder if a real-life “National Treasure” could exist and be found in the US? For Dennis Parada, he says it more than exists, but in his case, the FBI stole it from him.

According to Parada, he’s spent years, decades really, searching for Civil War gold thought to be stolen from Union Soldiers and hidden away by the Confederates in the hills of Pennsylvania. The Wall Street Journal reported that he began his search in 2004, even starting a company, Finders Keepers, to keep his treasure-hunting endeavors legit and legal.

As his search continued, it took him, his son Kem, and Warren Getler to the Dents Run area at the base of the Allegheny Mountains and on the road to West Virginia.

It is said that a Union caravan was transporting an untold amount of gold along this road in 1863 when it was ambushed by a group of Confederate sympathizers known as the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Of course, the sympathizers would have likely had to hide their stash until they could get it to the Confederate government after the heat from their theft cooled down.

Metal detectors specifically designed to locate gold underground indicated that gold, and in large quantities, was in the Dents Run area.

The Paradas, wanting to ensure their find was above board, contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources officials before digging it up. But then they noticed an unusual number of state agents roaming the area.

Fearing the state would find their gold and excavate it before the Paradas did, Dennis called in the FBI.

But this was likely his biggest mistake yet.

As you can imagine, the FBI swooped in and brought in machinery that supposedly confirmed a large mass with a density similar to gold was buried there. And then they began digging.

But suddenly, the Paradas and Getler weren’t allowed at the site. Days later, they were finally allowed to return, where they were told that no gold was found in the 12-foot hole dug by the FBI.

So why did residents see a line of armored trucks entering and leaving the site in the middle of the night?

Parada claims that the FBI found some $500 million in Civil War gold and kept it for themselves…

It wouldn’t be the first time the FBI has lied, would it?