Clarence Thomas’s Ethics Violations: Completely Debunked!

Rob Crandall /
Rob Crandall /

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, much like former President Donald Trump, has always been the target of political hate, in particular, from the left side of the aisle. Why? Well, for no other reason than that, he doesn’t fit their mold of what a black man or a Supreme Court justice should be.

So it should surprise no one that yet another character assassination attempt on Thomas has occurred. However, this one is so ridiculous that it’s taken only one week to be completely debunked.

It began last week when a report by ProPublica, a liberal news site claiming “investigative journalism in the public interest, claimed that Thomas and his wife were breaking ethics codes by taking rather expensive vacations with a friend.

According to the report, the Thomases have gone on a number of family vacations over the years with Texas real estate giant Harlan Crow and his wife, Kathy. The problem supposedly arises because, in most of those instances, it was the Crows who paid for the vast majority of the trip expenses.

Additionally, the report claims that Thomas is in the wrong because he never reported those trips or what one could call “gifts” on his federal disclosure forms.

There are just a few problems with the assumption that any of Thomas’s actions were wrong.

One is that there were no guidelines or rules stating that such gifts should be reported at the time of all the trips. Federal filing instructions were just recently changed, in March, to require gifts such as these to be reported.

Furthermore, it’s not like these gifts were given with any sort of incentive or benefit being paid in return to the Crows. The Crows are not involved with any court cases and have no real interest in court dealings or relationships with court officials in a professional setting.

As both Thomas and vice president of domestic policy Roger Severino have stated, this is nothing more than a couple vacationing together on occasion. The Thomases and Crows have been family friends for over 25 years.

Severino says the report by ProPublica is nothing more than “politics plain and simple.”

And as filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says, the whole thing is “laughably stupid.”