WH Interns Send Letter Promising to “No Longer Remain Silent”

Lukas Holub / shutterstock.com
Lukas Holub / shutterstock.com

Thankfully, we live in a country where the people have a voice (or are supposed to). Unfortunately, more than a few use that to their advantage and to harm others.

Proof of this comes to us in the form of a letter recently written to Democratic President Joe Biden and his Vice President, Kamala Harris.

According to NBC News, it was authored by a group of more than 40 White House interns spanning multiple races, religions, and backgrounds. Together, the 40+ also comprise at least ten White House offices, including those of Biden and Harris themselves.

So what does the letter say?

In short, it demands that their voices be heard and that Biden and Harris put an official and permanent ceasefire in place between Israel and Hamas.

As was written, “We heed the voices of the American people and call on the Administration to demand a permanent ceasefire.”

It goes on to say that while this supposed group of interns are “not the decision makers of today,” they “aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow, and we will never forget how the pleas of the American people have been heard and, thus far, ignored.”

Now, I say “supposed” interns because the letter is merely signed “40+ White House & EOP Interns for Palestine.” Other than claiming that these interns come from a wide variety of offices and backgrounds, there is no actionable proof that anyone at the White House, beyond the actual person writing the letter, agrees with this.

Nevertheless, NBC, unsurprisingly, is treating the letter as communication worth their time, effort, and publication for all to see.

Another issue with the letter is that, much like its anonymous interns, it offers no real arguments or points of interest. And certainly, nothing about it is original.

As you might imagine, it merely claims that Israel has responded to Hamas’ brutal attack with “genocide.” Of course, they want to ensure that genocide does not continue.

As usual, the “Palestinian” view ignores that Israel warned innocent occupants of Gaza, or Palestine, to vacate the area following Hamas’ attacks for their safety.

It also ignores that Hamas is an actual terrorist group and basically admits as much. Even their original charter, published in 1988, proves as much. It even calls for a “complete destruction of Israel as an essential condition for the liberation of Palestine and the establishment of a theocratic state based on Islamic law (Sharia).”

And while a few keywords have been changed in the 2017 version of the charter to be more internationally acceptable, this line remains the same. According to the Atlantic, which reported on the charters three days after the October 7 attacks, the newer version “differs little from its predecessor.”

And yet, these anonymous interns would have us believe that Israel is in the wrong here?

Thankfully, Biden and the rest of his administration, as well as most of social media, seem to have not given the letter much thought.

As of now, Biden is still very much in support of our longstanding ally, Israel. He’s also pointed blame for any ending of a temporary ceasefire on Hamas, as they have refused further efforts to release hostages or stop raping women and girls.