VA Patients’ Appointments Delayed Because Illegal Aliens Get Healthcare First

Michael Vi /
Michael Vi /

California hospitals are so overwhelmed by Joe Biden’s horde of illegal aliens that veterans are being forced to delay appointments or care at VA clinics. That’s according to nurses in California who are only willing to speak out about the problem anonymously out of fear of losing their jobs. It’s just another example of Joe Biden’s “America Last” policies.

California’s healthcare system is already a hot mess after the state fired all the nurses who refused to take the dangerous, experimental COVID shots in 2021. One healthcare worker who spoke to the Epoch Times says the system is now being bombarded with illegal aliens needing emergency medical care.

Some of the most common injuries happen simply from people traipsing through the desert. There are also a lot of car crash victims since they’ll cram 20 illegal aliens in the back of a Datsun pickup and then roll it while fleeing the Border Patrol. Plus, a ton of these idiots fall off the top of the border wall and break their legs or their spine.

“They’re falling off the wall,” said the healthcare worker. “They’re always flown. They’re never put in the back of an ambulance.”

How do you like that? Illegal aliens are so special to the Democrat Party that a helicopter gets dispatched, at an average price of $30,000 per trip, just to pick them up when they fall off the wall. If you’re an American, though, good luck getting an appointment to see your doctor. Hope it’s not an emergency.

As the regular civilian hospitals are being overwhelmed, the overflow of illegal aliens is now being treated at VA clinics. That’s why American military veterans are having to wait even longer for care. How much longer is the country going to put up with this?