Tucker Carlson Reveals His Pick for President Trump’s VP

L.E.MORMILE / shutterstock.com
L.E.MORMILE / shutterstock.com

People are having fun speculating about who Donald Trump’s running mate for vice president will be next year. One of the names that keeps ending up near the top of the people’s lists is Tucker Carlson. Even Melania Trump is supposedly lobbying her husband to choose Tucker, according to some reports.

The question is whether Tucker would even accept the job if offered, and he doesn’t seem likely to. However, Tucker revealed his choice for who Trump ought to pick as his running mate.

As for Tucker’s political ambitions, he doesn’t seem interested. He said in a speech last week that he’s only been a talk show host for the past 32 years, and he’s never done anything else. He added that it’s always baffling to him how arrogant some people can be when it comes to suddenly switching to a wildly different career later in life. Just because you’re really great at one thing doesn’t mean you’d be a shoo-in for something else. Life just doesn’t work that way. See Michael Jordan’s short stint in minor-league baseball if you doubt this.

Tucker is humble enough to admit that he simply wouldn’t know what to do in the world of politics. (Which is probably why he actually deserves the job, TBH.)

During a roundtable discussion at the Turning Point USA AmericaFest event the other day, Tucker described the person that he’d like to see as Trump’s VP pick: Vivek Ramaswamy.

“I kind of like Vivek,” he said. “Everyone beats up on Vivek for being ‘he’s a phony’ and all this stuff.”

Well… there is the fact that Ramaswamy admitted in that NBC News interview a couple of months ago that he is actually an anchor baby. His father was not a US citizen when Vivek was born and still isn’t a US citizen to this day. Therefore, Vivek is not a natural-born citizen and is constitutionally ineligible to ever be president or vice president. So, there’s that.

“I’ve covered a lot of campaigns going back to 1992, and I’ve noticed this in many candidates, and I noticed it in him – the process of running for president and speaking three times a day and having people throw hostile questions in your face causes you to change – they all change during these campaigns for real, inside,” Tucker continued. “And I feel like Vivek’s positions have gotten much more sincere since the beginning of this.”

Tucker wrapped up his statement by saying, “I watch him with Nikki Haley and I’m like this is a guy who’s very offended by her views for real. He’s not attacking her because she’s a woman, he’s attacking her because he actually thinks her views are terrible for the country he lives in, and I love that.”

Obviously, these discussions are all moot until May or June when President Trump announces his choice. Only he knows who he is thinking about choosing, for our two cents, we don’t think it’s going to be Vivek Ramaswamy. Nominees usually choose a VP running mate who comes from a state that they want to carry in the general election. What state does Vivek Ramaswamy live in?

We had no idea either. Wikipedia claims that Ramaswamy lives in Ohio, and if that’s true, Trump will have no trouble shoring up a victory in that state. That’s why we think Ramaswamy is likely off the table.

What do you think? Who will Donald Trump ultimately pick to be his running mate in 2024?