Tired of the “Asylum” Seeking Illegals? They’ll Be Here at Least THIS Long

nito / shutterstock.com
nito / shutterstock.com

With President Biden doing as little as possible to identify, much less address, the massive illegal immigration problem at the southern border, they simply just keep coming. With no incentive to stay back and liberals welcoming them, they think they have made it when they arrive. Shortly thereafter presented options to be relocated to places like Chicago, Massachusetts, and NYC, and they hop at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, the same cities are telling them they welcome them and are ready as sanctuary cities. Yet the leftists lack the funding, programs, or oversight capabilities to run such efforts or even the space to try and make it work. Instead, they keep passing the back along. For the residents of these areas, they are stuck wondering how long this is going to last.

According to a tweet from Fox News’s Bill Melugin on December 20th, “NEW: A Colombian woman who crossed illegally into El Paso, TX & was released into the U.S. was given an ICE check-in date in NYC in 2031. Her immigration attorney, @mkolken, tells me it’s one of the most shocking things he’s seen in his nearly 30 years of immigration law.”

Ali Bradley from News Nation reported about two men who suddenly showed up in the US and claimed asylum. Quickly let into the country, the duo was each given a Notice to Appear (NTA), with one slated for a hearing in North Carolina in September 2027 and the other in Texas during July 2029.

With the number of backlogged cases reaching 3 million as of November, it’s easy to see that the illegals arriving here are being released in short order, and being given NTAs with dates that are impossible to guarantee. Little to no questions are being asked as to their reasons for needing asylum here in the US.

One of the biggest questions that should be asked is why they would not take asylum in other places. With many of the illegals coming in from the southern border, a sizeable amount of them come from Guatemala, Honduras, and Venezuela. Jumping by over 1 million since November 2022, the dramatic increase in cases is a sign that the problem is allowing it to run through unchecked.

As they wait for their court dates they lack the resources and tools to be able to legally go out and earn a living. Leaving the government responsible for their care and maintaining their standards of care following their arrival, there is little anyone can do to make them self-reliant or able to exist solely on their own.

With few other places to find fault, leaders in blue cities are starting to openly lash out at both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Chicago, Illinois, Alderman Raymond Lopez (D) minced no words with his feelings on the subject. “My Mayor is blaming everyone except the person who needs to get the blame, and that is President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are responsible for protecting and securing our borders and for having a functional immigration system. They’re not calling out Secretary Mayorkas for letting undocumented — for letting asylum seekers come to this country under false pretense and then giving them court cases ten years from now.”

A message of needing to combine efforts and present a united front against illegal immigration and BS asylum claims is finally being heard, but it is also coming incredibly late in the game. With millions of known illegals showing up and disappearing already, there is little hope even a sizeable amount of them will follow their NTAs which won’t happen for nearly a decade. Instead, many believe they will simply mix in with their local communities and hide out.

With so many of them ditching any and all identifying documents just before crossing into the US, there is no way to guarantee we can even figure out their authentic home anyway.