Tim Scott Makes Major Announcement Lending More to VP Speculation

Crush Rush / shutterstock.com
Crush Rush / shutterstock.com

As Donald Trump makes it apparent that he will likely be the GOP nominee for the 2024 election, talk of his vice president choices is ramping into overtime. And one of those top choices just made a life-changing decision that only speaks to the possibility more.

Enter conservative Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina.

Scott actually began the 2024 election cycle running for president himself. However, after just a short time campaigning, it became clear to him that no one was going to beat Donald Trump. And so, Scott gracefully bowed out.

Since then, he’s been seen as one of several on a short list of Trump’s choices for a possible running mate for a number of reasons, including his calm personality, his passion for the law, and his conservative standards.

However, there has been one thing missing in the boxes to check off. You know, the unwritten boxes most of us want and admire in a conservative leader. For Scott, that has been family.

For as long as any of us can remember, Scott has been persistent in his service both to God and his country. But as an unmarried man, his connection to family, another major pillar of the conservative movement, has been somewhat lacking.

Well, that can no longer be said.

As you might have heard, on Friday, Scott announced that he was formally endorsing Donald Trump for president. A day later, he proposed to his girlfriend, Mindy Noce, officially making himself a family man.

According to Fox News, he romantically popped the question during a quiet stroll on the beaches of Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

And yes, she said yes.

of note in his engagement announcement was the inclusion of Proverbs 18:22, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”

If this doesn’t prove Scott is a God-fearing, now-family-devoted man, nothing will.

Now, of course, Scott is not the only individual on Trump’s supposed VP shortlist.

In fact, for a while now, it has been suggested that Trump will choose a woman, possibly even one ‘of color,’ although not for the same reasons Biden did in 2020.

Unlike Biden, Trump has made it clear that he will 1) choose someone qualified for the job and 2) choose someone loyal. This immediately disqualifies several would-be VPs from the list, including the once-considered Nikki Haley.

Currently, it is believed that names such as Arkansas Governor and former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and New York conservative Representative Elise Stefanik are on the list, as well as Senator JD Vance of Ohio and the aforementioned Scott. Also, rumors swirl about the possibility of conservative commentator Tucker Carlson being on the shortlist.

But with primaries just beginning, we are still a long way off from knowing who Trump will choose. What we do know is that Tim Scott just made a move that will only cement himself as a good VP choice.