The List of States Allowing Concealed Carry Without a Permit is Growing

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Carrying a gun has always been a right as part of the Second Amendment. However, there are different ways to carry – concealed or openly. Additionally, many states require a permit to do so.

Concealed carry is when the gun is holstered and not visible to others.

Meanwhile, open carry allows a person to carry a firearm in public where it is visible (or at least partially) to others.

Only four states, along with Washington DC, prohibit the open carry of guns.

The other states allow it – and most don’t require a permit. The reason is that the gun is visible, so everyone is aware that you’re carrying it.

Now, as for the concealed carry, a permit is required in many states. Essentially, the government wants to make sure you know how to handle a gun and how to conceal it properly so that you don’t endanger yourself or others.

More states are eliminating the need for that permit, however. It can be scary because it means that people may be concealing a weapon without even knowing how to use it.

Florida became the 26th state to not require a permit – and this law just went into effect on July 1.

Years ago, Vermont was the only state where no carry permits were necessary. It’s why you may sometimes hear the term “Vermont carry.”

Wyoming took charge in 2011 to enact a similar law – and 23 states have since followed suit. In 2023 alone, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, and Ohio passed laws that allow their residents to conceal carry without any kind of permit.

Florida may not be done with their permits, however. Governor DeSantis is in favor of open carry because it allows people to know who has a gun. It can also serve as a deterrent when a criminal knows that someone on the premises is armed. Right now, the state requires a permit for open carrying – but that could change in the near future.

With so many gun laws changing, it’s important to know where your state stands. If you do plan on carrying a gun in public, determine whether you want to do so concealed or openly. Then, determine if a permit is required. It is your right to have a gun in the US, but you also want to do so legally.