The “Gift” Pope Francis Received from Zelenskyy

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As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to try to fund his war against Russia, he’s trying to make all the good impressions he can. But his recent gift to Pope Francis might have the opposite effect.

As is customary, Zelenskyy’s meeting with the pope on May 13 began with a gift exchange. Francis gave Zelenskyy and the nation of Ukraine a bronze olive branch, clearly a symbol of peace and something the European country could use more of these days.

What Pope Francis received was less than an equal gift.

According to Catholic Courier, Zelenskyy gave the pope a painting entitled “Loss 2022-58.” Essentially, it is a painting of the Virgin Mary holding an infant, supposedly her son and Christ. However, there is something remarkedly different about the image of the infant than that of Mary.

In fact, the entire image of baby Jesus is blacked out.

For Zelensky and Ukrainian artist Oleksiy Revika, it’s supposed to symbolize the 243 children who died during the first 58 days of the Russian invasion of their country.

But for Catholics and Christians worldwide, it is more than a bit offensive.

As video podcaster, Dr. Taylor Marshall, a man with a large Catholic following, explained, the first problem is that the “painting” is very poorly done. The image of Mary isn’t flattering. “This is not quality.” And any depiction of the Blessed Mother, let alone the Christ child, in such a way is “highly offensive.”

The second issue, as I mentioned, is that the image of Christ is entirely blacked out, like “he’s gone,” Marshall said. Again, “highly offensive.”

Indeed, Marshall considers the whole thing a slap in the face to Christianity in all its forms. And he’s not the only one to think so.

Let’s just say this isn’t making any of us want to contribute any more time, money, and resources to Zelenskyy, a man who’s already been seen as a Christian hater.