The Democrats Use the Donkey…That Should Tell You Everything

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Let’s have a quick biology lesson.

Donkeys are known as asses…and male donkeys are referred to as jackasses.

It’s true. And yet, the Democratic Party has a rich history of being associated with the donkey.

The jackass can definitely be a symbol for many of our Democratic males these days, don’t you think? Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, Chuck Schumer, and the list goes on.

The Use of the Donkey as a Symbol

The use of animals as political symbols date back thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, animals such as the lion and the bull were used to represent power and strength. In medieval Europe, animals were often used to represent different classes of people. For example, the lion represented the nobility, while the sheep represented the common people.

In the United States, animals have also been used as political symbols. The bald eagle, for example, is a symbol of freedom and independence and is used on the Great Seal of the United States. The Republican Party has also adopted the elephant as its symbol, which represents strength and stability.

The First Use of the Donkey by the Democratic Party

The first use of the donkey as a symbol for the Democratic Party can be traced back to the presidential campaign of Andrew Jackson in 1828. During the campaign, Jackson was often referred to as a “jackass” by his opponents. Jackson, however, embraced the insult and used it to his advantage. He began using the donkey in his campaign posters and other promotional materials.

The use of the donkey proved to be a successful strategy, as Jackson won the election. After the election, the donkey became associated with the Democratic Party and was used as a symbol in subsequent campaigns.

Think about this. The entire Party embraced the insult. Whether they want to swap it around or not, they chose to use the donkey all because a presidential candidate was called a “jackass” by his opponents.

The Republican Party’s Response to the Donkey

The use of the donkey by the Democratic Party did not go unnoticed by the Republican Party. In 1874, a political cartoon by Thomas Nast appeared in Harper’s Weekly, which depicted the donkey as a symbol of chaos and disorder. The cartoon showed a donkey wearing a lion’s skin, scaring away other animals in a zoo.

The cartoon was intended to be a criticism of the Democratic Party, but it had the unintended consequence of cementing the donkey as a symbol of the Democratic Party. The cartoon also inspired the Republican Party to adopt the elephant as its symbol, which appeared in a cartoon by Nast in 1877.

The Donkey’s Evolution as a Democratic Party Symbol

Over the years, the donkey has become a symbol for the Democratic Party. It has been used in countless political campaigns and has come to represent the party’s values and principles. The donkey is often depicted as hardworking, determined, and persistent, which are all qualities that the Democratic Party values. Or at least they used to.

In recent years, the donkey has also been used to represent specific Democratic Party causes. For example, in 2016, the Democratic National Committee created a “DonkeyCon” campaign to highlight the party’s commitment to fighting climate change.

It’s fitting, too. Considering that most of what they do to fight climate change makes them look like jackasses, their symbol continues to represent them.

Controversies Surrounding the Donkey Symbol

Despite its enduring legacy, the donkey symbol has not been without controversy. Some critics have argued that the donkey is an outdated symbol that does not accurately represent the party’s values. Others have criticized the use of animals as political symbols in general, arguing that it is dehumanizing and reduces complex political issues to simplistic symbols.

Despite these criticisms, the donkey remains an important symbol for the Democratic Party. It has become a part of the party’s identity and has been embraced by Democrats across the country.

Perhaps if they do change to another animal in the future, they can choose the panda. It’s not only one of the stupidest animals on the planet but it’s also associated with China.

As for the Republican Party, perhaps a switch from the elephant to the American Bald Eagle may be more appropriate? After all, there’s no animal quite as majestic and as patriotic.