Texas Man Stands His Ground Against Armed “Maintenance Worker”

Patryk Kosmider / shutterstock.com
Patryk Kosmider / shutterstock.com

Ethan Rodriguez, of Dallas, TX, found some good uses for his digital doorbell and home security camera on August 19th. Answering from the bathroom, the man outside the door claimed to be from maintenance and was there to check the filter on the air conditioner. Given how hot it has been in Texas, a request like this makes sense, even on the weekend.

Telling the “worker” he was not home, the man then walked away. Later identified as Aaron Contreras, the man came back a few minutes later with a masked man, and both took turns attempting to kick the door in. At some juncture, Rodriguez had grabbed his pistol and was ready when they started kicking. Contreras was able to get off two shots before fleeing. In total, Dallas PD found 13 shell casings, identified 13 bullet holes exiting the apartment, and 2 holes that were entering.

Arrested later on that same day, Contreras now had warrants for aggravated assault, deadly conduct, and attempted burglary of a habitation. Now being held on a $150k bond, Dallas officers are still looking for his accomplice.

For ages, the slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas” has flourished across the US. As a part of our international mystique, people across the globe automatically associate it with Americans when we travel. It’s a factual statement, and as Rodriguez proved, the people of Texas are more than happy to defend what is theirs. As much as the liberals like to complain because people value their property over another person’s life, what they fail to understand is that no shot person values their property over their own life.