Students Get Shown Pride Video in Math Class

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Welcome to California. Students are no longer taught about math inside of math class. And if they complain, they are threatened with being punished. Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

While liberals say that they’re never forcing anything on anyone, that’s not exactly what’s happening. The reality is that they ARE forcing things on you – and the proof is found at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California.

There was a pride-themed video clip shown in the math classroom. Many students immediately began to push back against having to watch such a thing.

The video contained pride flags being waved around and two females caressing each other’s arms. Keep in mind NONE of this has anything to do with the math lesson that they were supposed to be learning.

The teacher could have realized that they overstepped and turned it off. Instead, they went to the extreme and threatened the students with Saturday school if they didn’t sit down and watch the video.

This is why conservatives are fighting.

This is why Republicans want to ban such things from showing up in the classrooms.

This isn’t a celebration. This is forcibly shoving a belief in front of students who are not open to such things.

10th graders were being shown this. And some of the videos that were caught from within the classroom have the kids groaning and yelling “Stop!” One kid even asked, “Why are you showing this to kids?”

Kids sent videos to their parents. And the parents complained to the school.

Apparently, the clip was part of a 10-minute video that was produced by students to celebrate the school year and remind students about graduation. But the 15 to 20 seconds about pride was uncomfortable. And it was all about the “need” to celebrate Pride.

Why is it that Pride keeps getting forced on us? We’re not forced to celebrate any other holiday quite like this one.