Sen. Blackburn Calls President Biden on the Carpet Over “Modern Day Slavery”

Niamh Blanchard /
Niamh Blanchard /

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has had enough of the sex trafficking and child labor pouring over the southern border under the Biden administration as whistleblowers step up to shed light on Biden purposely ignoring the strong warning and then reports of children being exploited in labor camps and sex trafficking per the New York Times.

With the Department of Labor already looking into uncovering child labor violations in factories back in February, the heat has been on for Biden since 2023 started. Add in the new allegations at meat processing plants in Minneapolis, and the acts on the ground become clear. When you factor in the massive influx of people streaming across the border and ones awaiting the asylum rush, it becomes a pandemic of its own.

Speaking with Fox News host Harris Faulkner, Blackburn said, “We know that Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement has completely lost track of 85,000 children coming into this country. We know that you have got over 250,000 unaccompanied alien children, and they can’t find 85,000 of them?” This unbelievable statistic reflects just how little the Biden administration is paying attention to the situation.

This kind of oversight leaves many children with nothing to go on for, nothing positive to expect or live for. By allowing this to continue under his watch, Biden supports their actions, ruining countless lives.

As Blackburn pointed out, “You reference the whistleblower, and we’re hearing that many of these children are going to individuals who want to use them as child labor. This is something that must stop. The fact that they do not know if these children are being trafficked if they are in gangs if they are being used for drug trafficking, sex trafficking…This is modern-day slavery.”

Complaints like this go hand-in-hand with a Democrat in the White House. In November 2015, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) told Obama of a whistleblower informing the government about similar exploitation in a release. Given that this is a party-specific issue, it is time the American people wake up and smell the coffee.

Biden and his crew of leftist flunkies are horrible for the American people, the American dream, and the American economy. We have not been able to be a prosperous country under a Democrat since the early days of Clinton when he rode off the coattails of Bush senior and Reagan. With illegal immigration devastating the American economy, the numbers only continue to rise.

As reported by Fox News, US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) had run-ins with 2.3 million illegals in FY 2022 and reported 600,000 identified illegals escaped capture. Since FY 23 started, CBP has reported 230,000 incidents in October, 233,470 in November, and shot up to over 250,000 in December. Figures like these are not sustainable for the US and its citizens over the long term, and it becomes a massive crisis.

The humanitarian crisis that the Democrats have brought to the US with the massive influx of illegals to Biden’s open southern door cannot be ignored, especially as these illegals get the problems of their homeland to our country. Their ethics about crime, drugs, and sex are being thrust into our communities, and all Biden and the other virtue-signaling interior cities are more than happy to welcome them. Just as long as it stays away from their Democrat-controlled cities.

Making things worse, these sanctuary cities welcome the illegals to turn their backs on them and shuffle them back into cage-like conditions no better than they were being held in at the southern border. More to the point, Biden’s last boss President Obama was responsible for the “kids in cages” programs that infuriate democrats across the land as they try to blame Trump for them.

It’s time to end this modern-day slavery. As a nation, we must see and feel a real change around here. A difference that only comes from telling Biden it’s time to step down and fade out