Scientific Study Finds People Repulsed by Horrible Smells More Likely to Dislike Refugees

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Before we get started here, we want to fully acknowledge that we realize the above headline sounds like something from the Babylon Bee. But it’s not. Researchers have just published the data in one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world. It turns out that people who don’t like things that smell gross, are more likely to dislike refugees, migrants, illegal aliens, or whatever you want to call them. Let’s follow the science!

The study was published in the prestigious Royal Society of London’s journal. It is titled, “Body odour disgust sensitivity is associated with xenophobia: evidence from nine countries across five continents.” The scientists who conducted this important study are from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

The research in this hilarious study has proven that “Individuals more easily disgusted by body odours are also more prone to having negative attitudes towards refugees.”

The body “odours” that people with sensitive noses are disgusted by are smelly feet, farts, bad breath, stinky armpits, feces, and urine. Scientists say that people with a really sensitive sense of smell are more likely to feel hostility towards refugees, due to the foreigners having different hygiene and food habits.

The nine countries where the study participants were quizzed were the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, Hong Kong, Chile, Italy, and Sweden. They were first asked to rank different smells based on how disgusting the participants found them, on a scale of one to five.

Next, the participants were told to consider a fictitious group of refugees from some made-up country. The participants were then asked their opinions on the refugees’ sanitary practices, hygiene, proclivities toward crime, and weird diets.

The results of this rigorous scientific study showed that people who scored highly on the disgusting smells chart were more likely to have negative opinions about foreigners. The researchers think it may have something to do with innate pathogen resistance based on social attitudes. That makes sense. If something smells really horrible and disgusting, it is more likely to be carrying pathogens that could give you a disease. Science is so fascinating!

Let’s examine the actions of a high-profile public figure to see whether this scientific theory holds up. Take Joe Biden, for example.

Whenever Joe Biden sneaks up on a little girl from behind and grabs her without her knowledge or consent, he doesn’t just sniff them from a distance. He gets his schnoz right into her hairdo and inhales deeply while panting. We’re not saying that because it’s bizarre for a grown man to want to sniff other people’s kids or anything. We’re just highlighting the example because Joe Biden obviously has a hard time smelling things. That’s why he has to get so close.

And does Joe Biden like refugees, immigrants, and illegal aliens? Oh, you bet he does!

During his short time in office, Joe Biden has already allowed an estimated 5.2 million unvetted illegal aliens into the country, in direct contravention of US immigration laws. Joe Biden does not have a good sense of smell, and he loves foreigners. Hypothesis confirmed!

Therefore, those of us who have a sensitive sense of smell would like to declare ourselves as the newest oppressed minority in America. To protect our hyperactive olfactory senses, we demand a big, beautiful wall on our southern border. We also demand that all refugee resettlement into the United States be reduced to zero. Plus, we expect all of the 5.2 million illegal aliens that Joe Biden has allowed into the US to be repatriated to their home countries.