San Fran Pays Transgender Minorities Just for Existing, but Only Some

Zuzana_B /
Zuzana_B /

California and its cities have been the leaders in giving money to groups and organizations with complete discrimination and making no apologies about it. At the head of these drives has been San Francisco, and now their latest venture to give away the money of their people is in full swing.

As uncovered by Judicial Watch and reported by Breitbart, the city now has a “Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program that even allows illegal aliens to apply, as well as people who engage in survival sex trades.” The information was uncovered through a California Public Records Act (CPRA) filed through the San Francisco Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector (TTX).

This request also unearthed undated documents from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. Documents that described how the money would be gathered and by whom.

“Selected participants in this program will identify as transgender and extremely low-income (<30% of Area Media Income, approximately less than $28,000 per year for a household of one person). Within this population, there will be a specific focus on Black and Latinx transgender women. A monthly $1,200 stipend will be provided to participants so they may focus on their basic physical and mental health and wellness without worrying about income. Pre-paid cards are being utilized because some participants may not have bank accounts.”

Funding has to come from somewhere, and the undated docs also explained “[The Mayor’s Office] will purchase Pre-paid cards with funding supported by the General Fund and dedicated specifically for the Transgender Basic Income pilot program.”

This kind of funding is directly targeted to only a small amount of the population of San Francisco, but the rate at which they are handing over money makes it everyone’s responsibility. Furthermore, they have added quotas to the program. They believe they need to serve a certain number of people to make that number for it to be a success. No focus on fixing the problems or ways to help them mentally.

Instead, they simply want to throw money at the problem and act as if it will automatically fix everything. If anything, this further incentivizes people with mental problems to transition, especially if they are “Black and Latinx.” Perhaps they’ll pay a bonus for being trans-racial too?