Robinhood Doing What Wall Street Won’t With THIS Move

Sergei Elagin /
Sergei Elagin /

Ever since day trading and monitoring stocks 24 hours a day became one of the latest ways for investors across the nation to make money, many have been discouraged by watching prices go up or down during “non-trading” hours on the exchange. These off-hours price changes have cost many thousands of dollars because they hold individual investments and not massive package deals.

Now, Robinhood is coming to the rescue.

24-hour weekday trading of hot stocks like Apple and Tesla kicked off at 8 pm eastern on May 14th and will run through 8 pm eastern on May 19th. Only 43 securities will be tradeable during the opening of the service, which marks the first time this has been offered in the US. Robinhood is forecasting to add many more securities to their list and offer it to everyone by the start of June.

Competitors to Robinhood like TD Ameritrade and E-Trade have been offering 24-hour trading of a limited number of exchange funds for years, but never securities. Unlike their competitors, though, Robinhood flourished in the 2021 retail trading frenzy of so-called “meme stocks” and saw much of their trading fueled by websites like Reddit.

However, Robinhood has been trying to attract more serious traders as well as day traders. With their free stock trades and their safeguards against ill-informed trades, the company is poised to make some terrific impacts with this latest idea. Getting people more invested in their investments is one of the surest ways we can battle back against the leftist agenda and take advantage of their clear market manipulation.