RFK Jr Shames Biden by Going to the Border and Exposing Problems

In The Light Photography / shutterstock.com
In The Light Photography / shutterstock.com

To hear Democratic President Joe Biden and his cronies tell it, everything is fine and dandy at the border. However, Democratic presidential candidate and Biden’s official opposition Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a much different version of the story.

RFK traveled to Yuma, Arizona, this past week to see the immigration crisis we’ve all heard so much about for himself. And what he saw was a “dystopian nightmare” that “clearly could have been prevented.”

As he told NewsNation, RFK met with law enforcement members, local government officials, charities, farmers, and illegal migrants. And all of it pointed to a massive problem with Biden’s open and “unsustainable” border policies.

One major issue is, of course, the border wall itself. Thanks to former President Trump, it has helped to keep out massive numbers of illegals, where it is finished. Where it is not; however, people from all over are allowed to just mosey on through without any real repercussions.

Kennedy noted that he saw one unfinished portion of the border wall for several hours early Tuesday morning filming. About 150 people crossed illegally into the US when he sat there.

And when I said they were coming from all over, I wasn’t kidding. Kennedy talked to people from West Africa, Afghanistan, Peru, China, Bangladesh, and China.

“Altogether, people have come across right here from 117 nations in the last couple of years. In three years in total, 7 million come across the border illegally,” Kennedy learned.

Furthermore, he explained that the illegal crossings were only a fraction of the problem. Once in, most are released to roam the US interior, never to be seen or heard from again. And the damage that occurs as a result has had lasting effects on residents, farmers, and even the national supply chain and economy.

As he concluded, “This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it’s a health and public safety issue. It’s a humanitarian crisis.”

And yet Biden seems to not be concerned in the least.