Rep Raskin (D-MD) Tries To Justify Leaving Trump off the Ticket

Benjamin Clapp /
Benjamin Clapp /

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is another member of the liberal left who seems to think President Trump needs to be removed from any discussion of being on the 2024 Presidential ticket. No matter how the primaries turn out, he wants him gone. Speaking on the October 31st edition of MSNBC’s ‘The ReidOut,’ he claimed the Constitution itself prevents former President Donald Trump from running for president or any other public office.

“The hard question is not should the courts end up deciding because the courts will have to decide this because it’s a Constitutional question. The hard part is, did he engage in insurrection or rebellion? That’s the hard part for some people. Is incitement to insurrection participating in insurrection?…But I think the alternative argument will be no, you need a criminal conviction first. It’s not enough to show that it happened.”

He continued, “And you know, against that, I would simply say, the language of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment says that you can’t run for office if you have sworn an oath to the Constitution, but then you participated in insurrection rebellion. It doesn’t say if you have been convicted of insurrection or rebellion. But I think that that will become really the heart of the legal argument. Donald Trump tried to overthrow Constitutional democracy. And the Constitution has a mechanism for dealing with that which is a very strongly pro-democratic mechanism.”

This isn’t the words of a man who has it all together. This is someone willing to do anything to avoid President Biden facing a tough challenger like Trump. Someone that damn near won the last election, and had they allowed proper evidence to be introduced, could have likely proven Biden stole the election. Yet they silenced him then and are now doing everything they can to demonize him as the next election is coming.

Jumping to such strong and unsubstantiated opinions is something the left specializes in. They see something that isn’t reflecting their own opinions, and they move to torpedo it with the fury of a trillion suns. Just allowing another idea to simply exist is something they refuse to do, as in their mind it’s simply unallowable to have a differing opinion than they have.

Getting to this point takes real conviction, and if they applied that same pressure towards actually fixing the problems this nation faces we could heal as a nation. The division between right and left would disappear, and we could present a unified image to the world. Yet their hatred for Trump runs so deep, that they refuse to simply let him be. Instead, they want the world to know their problems with him and try to convince everyone else he is chaos incarnate.

Yet time and again, Trump has shown that he’s more like the common American than almost anyone else. It’s clear when you watch him interact with people throughout the years. Until he wanted to run for office against Killary there were no claims of him being racist, or a sexual abuser. In cases that he settled, thus far the ‘evidence’ has amounted to nothing, so his settling them was simply a way to give them what they wanted and avoid bad press. Not uncommon, especially in politics.

Racist claims are even more absurd and given the level of love and respect he gets across racial lines, the left has done everything theory can to eliminate that conversation, with President Biden even inferring before the 2020 election that not voting for him meant people needed to turn in their black card. Like being Obama’s lapdog for 8 years made him black by osmosis.

Rep. Raskin like the rest of the left is demented. There is no reason to remove Trump from the ticket. If anything they should want to beat the best.