Prince Harry Just Got Far Less Marketable


Kingdoms rise, and empires fall; it’s the way of life. And while Great Britain’s monarchy is still wholly intact, one of its greatest princes has fallen. And this week, that fall pretty much hit rock bottom.

If you know much about the saga of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s that their seemingly enchanted love story hasn’t turned out nearly the way we thought.

First, the two decided to trade in their ties to the royal family for a never-ending social ladder. And now, even Harry’s title of royalty has been stripped.

No, he’s still the Duke of Sussex. However, Dean Karayanis of The New York Sun notes that his “most marketable quality” has just been edited from the royal family’s website. Harry’s page on the website used to refer to him as “His Royal Highness, a title distinguished for only “the most senior members of the British royal family, or those directly descended from the monarch and their spouses.”

Harry’s page now only calls him the Duke of Sussex.

Well, they got what they wanted out, right?

If you remember, Harry and Meghan said they were done with the royal family back in 2020, breaking the hearts of many on both sides of the pond. They moved to America, where it was assumed they would do great things together.

However, it seems the only thing they’ve accomplished is to realize that life outside of the royal purse strings isn’t all they are cracked up to be.

Meghan tried to do some podcasting to keep their luxurious lifestyle. But her $20 million deal with Spotify ended early in June. And now, it’s rumored that Harry and Meghan’s $100 million deal with Netflix is about to fall through too.

As Tom Bower, a royal biographer, describes the falling couple, they’re “terrified” and scrambling.

Apparently, they are also fighting…

Rumor has it that Harry is spending some time away from Meghan amid continuous legal battles and an ever-declining popularity.

So maybe there’s hope of regaining his “HRH” title after all. But he’s going to have to do some serious groveling first.