Police are Called on Biden’s Energy Secretary’s EV Caravan

Owlie Productions / shutterstock.com
Owlie Productions / shutterstock.com

We all know Biden and Co. are trying to convince us all that we need to drop fossil-fueled vehicles for those of the electric variety. But it doesn’t seem like Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and her office are making that any more likely to happen – at least not based on one of her more recent trips.

As NPR recently reported, Granholm and her staff recently took a trip across the Southeast in what we could only imagine to be an attempt at convincing the American people that electric cars are the future of our nation. Granholm used her new EV fleet on the road trip to emphasize this.

But it would seem that arrogance and power may have just completely sidelined that point, not to mention made EVs look bad in the process.

NPR had a reporter ride along with Granholm’s caravan, no doubt to create an epic puff piece on the trip.

However, about 170 miles from their starting point in Charlotte, North Carolina, things began to get a bit hairy.

At 170 miles out, most gas-powered drivers might stop for a snack. EV drivers need to stop and charge, though—problem #1.

Upon reaching a gas station with “fast” charging stations, it immediately became obvious that there were insufficient charging ports. So, to ensure that Granholm’s car would get a charging spot, one of her advanced team members decided to block one station with a gas-powered vehicle.

Naturally, this move didn’t exactly go over well with other EVs waiting to charge. But it was only made worse when it was realized that one of those waiting EVs contained a family, including a baby. Did I mention this took place on a hot summer’s day in Augusta, Georgia…

In fact, things got so heated that the family, after several attempts to convince the staff member to move, called the cops.

Now, of course, the staffer wasn’t doing anything illegal. Needless to say, the police presence did help the staffer to become a bit more acquiescent, eventually moving to let the family charge.

Let’s just say the whole thing was not a good look either for EVs or for Granholm and her staff.