Over 200 Sex Trafficking Victims Saved in July Raids

Africa Studio / shutterstock.com
Africa Studio / shutterstock.com

Named “Operation Cross Country”, the two-week national enforcement campaign was led by the FBI and spanned coast to coast. A yearly operation now in its 13th year, this was an especially prosperous year. Over 60 suspected traffickers and 126 suspects of child sexual abuse and other trafficking offenders were arrested. Thankfully over 200 victims of sex trafficking, we also freed over the two weeks. An additional 59 minor victims of sexual trafficking and sexual exploitation, and 59 others were missing.

These operations have large focuses in specific areas of the country. In Orange County by Walt Disney World, Sherriff Grady Judd keeps the war on pedophiles going every week of the year. With coordinated efforts, they can keep the FBI up to speed with the latest tactics and tricks. With their finger on the pulse of human trafficking, being in the capital of human trafficking is huge.

Raids like this one sound like they produce big numbers, and to a degree, they do. However, it adds up to just a drop in the bucket. Especially under President Biden. His fellow liberals made jail sentences much shorter and made it easier for people to get arrested, ticketed, and released. Even the people who steal the children’s laughs are going free like the station house has a revolving door.

Given the estimates of $32-$150 billion in money going around as a result of human trafficking alone, this is a situation that has far-reaching implications and that produces the kind of money that can buy votes.

In mid-July, the California Senate decided to turn down a bill that would have made child trafficking a major felony in the state. They likened it to being like the “three-strike rule,” which gives offenders three serious felonies before they look at an automatic 25 years to life sentence. To them, any advancement of the three-strike punishment is the wrong answer. No matter what the charge is for. Done as an either-person committee, two Republicans voted yes, and the Democrats abstained, thus failing the measure.

This decision even left liberal-lord and CA Governor Gavin Newsom speechless and demanding an answer as to what went wrong and where. The answer he is seeking is simple; the jackasses got stuck on stupid and won’t look at the big picture. Simply put, they can’t see the forest for the trees. A decision to tell the kids to go pound sand while letting career criminals continue to escape is inexcusable.

Thankfully, these raids often lead to federal charges and can ultimately take them out of California courts. With the way many of the laws are written, those who end up getting charged are ultimately facing long prison sentences if they can be taken back to states with less friendly laws.

With so many victims snatched up in July alone, it’s amazing to think what the FBI could do with an entire wing that did this full-time. Instead, actors who have been shunned by Hollywood for doing so, like Ashton Kutcher, have been leading the charge against human trafficking. This was never their responsibility, but they do it when the FBI is too busy trying to figure out which way Biden is going to trip next, so they can warn the Secret Service.

Getting these victims back to where they need to be and getting these sick criminals off the streets should be of tremendous concern to every American. Despite so many thinking it can’t happen where they live, kids disappear in small towns just as easily as they do in big cities. With the President and Federal resources focused elsewhere and no more Soul Asylum making missing kid videos like “Runaway Train,” it is an uphill battle, and these kids need all the help they can get.