Of Course, The White House is Forced to Regularly “Edit” Biden Transcripts

Lamai Prasitsuwan / shutterstock.com
Lamai Prasitsuwan / shutterstock.com

Any job in the White House has got to be more than a little stressful. But for those who have been tasked with copying down Democratic and dementia-ridden President Joe Biden’s constant gaffes, life has to be even less rewarding.

I mean, for one, we are talking about Joe Biden, a man who, even in his prime, was never a good public speaker. Of course, the media and those close to him blamed that on a “childhood stutter” he never really grew out of.

But now, with dementia setting in and a weakened body, things are worse than ever.

You’ve heard the blunders and mistakes firsthand. I know. They are bad. And some are even unintelligible, leaving all of us wondering what he’s talking about, let alone actually saying.

And yet, as president of the United States, all of that gets recorded on official White House transcripts. And that means it’s someone’s job to try and decipher all the mumbles, guttural noises, and constant blathering that comes out of Biden’s mouth.

I almost feel sorry for them.

I say almost because deciphering all of that into intelligible and logical phrases is only half of the problem. The other half is that to do so, they are giving us a false picture of an understandable and logical leader, which most of us can agree, Biden is not.

Some might even call these transcripts, which are posted to the White House website, “fake news” for all the sense they make compared to Biden’s actual words.

Now, to be clear, not all transcripts are a complete lie or coverup.

Some simply contain the word [sic] to note that what Biden actually said was slightly different.

Example: “Last summer, I had the honor of bestowing the Presidential Meda – Medal of Freedom [sic] – Freedom on distinguished Americans.”

Then there are the strikethroughs: “Forty million – 40 million Americans already drinking water that thousands of farmers rely on for – for integration [irrigation].”

But then there are complete rewrites, such as when stenographers changed the phrase “domestic political advisers” to “convicted domestic abusers.”

And yet, they wonder why some 60 percent of Americans don’t think Biden is fit for office anymore…