Odd Marks Are Spotted on Biden’s Face…

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com

By now, we all know that Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t exactly in the best of health. And now, he’s been spotted with some very strange markings on his face and neck…

The spots were noticed on Wednesday when Biden emerged from the White House briefly in the morning. He was only outside with reporters for a few minutes. But it was more than enough time for the markings to be noticed.

Naturally, the question is, what are they?

According to those who saw him and a few pictures taken, the strange marks were seen along the sides of his jaw and extending under his ears.

As more than a few have guessed, the marks seem similar to those left behind by a CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machine. CPAPs and the similar BIPAP machine are commonly used to treat medical conditions such as sleep apnea.

But is this what Biden was actually using, or could it be something else?

His medical history shows he has gastroesophageal reflux disease, which can cause asthma-like symptoms. Perhaps he was using a nebulizer to receive medication such as albuterol.

In any case, neither scenario is exactly comforting to people who are too worried about our aging president’s physical and mental health.

Now, according to sources “familiar with the matter,” Bloomberg reported later on Wednesday that the marks are indeed from POTUS using a CPAP for sleep apnea.

This was only confirmed later by CNN, who spoke to WH spokesman Andrew Bates. According to the outlet, Biden has been using a CPAP regularly for the last few weeks “to improve sleep quality.”

Per the Mayo Clinic, sleep apnea is a common condition that causes breathing difficulties while sleeping. It not only can prevent deep and restful sleep but can cause loud snoring, as well as a complete stop in breath while sleeping altogether if not treated.

So Biden has sleep apnea. While it might not be all that serious, it’s just one more thing Americans should be worried about in the aging leader. And one more reason to replace him sooner rather than later.