Now the Science Proves Darwinism; COVID Targeted People With Weak Genes

Zigres /
Zigres /

One of the funniest things about COVID is the way people showed symptoms. For 20% of COVID positive people, they showed no symptoms at all, meanwhile, others who got it took forever to get rid of all the symptoms, even after they started testing negative.

While scientists maintain that there are multiple reasons for people to have stronger or weaker reactions to COVID, the way of transmission seems to be their key focus. From the strain of the virus to the nose vs mouth or eyes, as well as their age and current health status. It makes sense to look at these factors as they play huge parts in the transmission of any disease.

However, the one thing many scientists looked over is now being thrust into the forefront: genetics. That bit of Darwinism is now showing itself to be a major factor in COVID. A study published in the journal Nature on July 19th, says people who carry a common genetic change in the code for their immune systems were more likely to have symptom-free COVID.

Yet another study is following this up notes changes near FOXP4, which is responsible for lung function, can impact the proteins of the lungs, and ultimately trigger long COVID. While this study is pending peer review, it shows tremendous potential. Especially for organizations that deal with organ transplants, this is crucial as it can help them identify whose bodies are perfect for organ donation, and which ones are nothing but cannon fodder.

Seeing scientists now being forced to explain that some of us are genetically superior is something that we have been waiting too long for. It finally explains why so many of us were able to enjoy life mask free, and not worry about catching something that should not have killed so many people. Then again, if hospitals weren’t killing people with respirators, maybe we wouldn’t have lost so many.