Migrant Crisis in NYC Is Now Costing Americans – Adams Hacks at City’s Budget

AF Branco / Creators.com
AF Branco / Creators.com

The migrant crisis has been an inconvenience for New Yorkers — the legal ones — for a while now. However, Mayor Eric Adams is actually going to start penalizing everyone.

It’s been estimated that the migrant problem in NYC alone, is going to cost at least $12 billion. Since the Biden administration isn’t going to send any money (they’re still in denial that there’s a problem) and the Democrats aren’t shutting the border anytime soon, Adams has no choice but to establish a plan to move forward.

$12 billion isn’t the kind of money that NYC has just lying around.

Adams has already gotten slack for saying that the migrants “will destroy New York City” and that “there is no more room.”

He’s about to get even more.

The city’s budget will have to be cut by more than 15% as a way to pay for the influx of migrants.

The budget is going to affect a number of programs and services — but it’s likely that it will also cost people their jobs. People who had depended on raises, too, won’t see them simply because there is no money.

What this means is that Americans, legal, tax-paying Americans, are now being penalized because Biden opened the flood gates at the border without a plan or a care as to how any city would pay for it.

If Biden doesn’t want to listen to the Republican mayors and governors, perhaps he’ll listen to Justin Brannan, NYC’s City Council Finance Chair:

“Tens of thousands of people seeking asylum are arriving in our city at a time when we are already confronting a housing crisis, record homelessness, and the sunset of federal COVID stimulus funds. New York City cannot be expected to handle this on our own. The costs are considerable, and it is critical that the city receives more aid, while safeguarding funding that supports New Yorkers. The future of our city and its continued economic recovery relies on the investments we make into our communities and the essential services they rely on.”