Leading Disney Films Won’t Be Coming Out Next Year After All


If you haven’t heard, Disney is in the process of creating a live-action remake of its classic Snow White. However, thanks to a whole slew of problems, the House of Mouse is being forced to delay the movie and several others.

Disney’s Snow White was originally set to be released in March of 2024. However, the company just announced that it now won’t be available until a full year later, in March of 2025.

Another Pixar “March animated tentpole,” Elio, has been pushed back more than a year, now to be released in June of 2025.


Well, of course, there are actor and writer strikes still going on, which I am sure have had an effect.

However, there has also been a lot of criticism about the Snow White film, mainly due to its lead actress’ woke ideology and declarations about what the film will and won’t be.

The film’s star, Rachel Zegler, has been pushing wokeness on the audience since she was hired, proclaiming that this won’t be some “true love” story or about being “saved by the Prince.” Zegler made it quite clear that her character will be about being her own leader and throwing off the traditions of old.

Of course, when she received criticism for such thoughts, she pulled the race card, claiming people didn’t like that she, a Latino, was being cast for a role that was traditionally white.

There was also an issue with how the “seven dwarfs” were being cast in the film.

After attempting to stave off more criticism, it seems Disney has given in. Along with the film being delayed, there are also rumors that the script and imaging of numerous parts of the movie are now being changed.

Of course, all this is coming out just after the Daily Wire has announced a rival non-Disney Snow White.

Perhaps Disney is actually learning that going woke isn’t all that business-friendly.