LAX Shut Down by Pro-Palestine Terrorists

Markus Mainka /
Markus Mainka /

December 27th saw yet another portion of Los Angeles shut down by pro-Palestine protestors who have recently taken their message to various LA streets. This time they set their sights on the LA airport (LAX). Kicking off around 9:30 am, the LAX traffic was already heavy with the post-holiday rush. Blocking the roadway with cinderblocks and other objects, thye prevented people from entering the airport.

While officers had them cleared by 10:30 am and had arrested 35 of the scrambled protestors by noon, significant problems remained. Multiple people fearful of missing their flights had already left the scene. Choosing to abandon their cars along the roadways, and were now walking with their luggage to the terminal.

LAPD commander Steve Lurie told Fox 11 that some protesters were unsurprisingly only handed citations for rioting, while others were arrested for assault on a peace officer. One officer reported being thrown to the ground by a protestor, but there was no word about whether they were cited for the offense or if they escaped.

Chanting “Ceasefire is not enough” and “Free Palestine” the group was largely unorganized. A reporter looking upon some profanity-laden graffiti remarked, “They’re just rabble-rousers. I would even venture to say they don’t even know what they’re protesting. They’re just pro-violence.” With a similarly run-and-executed protest on December 13th, blocking the 110 freeway, the LAPD already knew what to expect and how to handle it. Cutting off their avenues of escape through neighboring hotels, they arrested more than in previous protests.

These terrorists have largely attacked Christmas organizations and displays. Seemingly done in an attempt to show Hamas just how “down” they are with their anti-Israeli, anti-Christian rhetoric, they are more annoying than anything. Causing this kind of disruption and chaos is allegedly being done to make Americans uncomfortable. In their minds, it points out how complacent we have become as a nation.

Yet it’s not complacency that allows these protests to happen. Rather it’s the lack of options for response.

The politically correct liberal media would demonize someone for running them over or drawing their firearm to remove the threat. To them, this is simply someone who is just delaying you, they aren’t causing you any physical harm. Yet. As the Watts riots in the late 1900s, or the Black Lives Matter “rallies” more recently have shown us, this quickly goes from yelling and sign shaking to violence. Often with little warning. When it does reach the tipping point, it’s often too late to respond properly.

While no flights were impacted by the protests, this is the kind of disturbance that easily serves as a litmus test. By observing the emergency services response, and how much they can and are willing to do on such short notice, now a blueprint for a proper attack could realistically be formed.

Protestors like these only know that they are upset because someone else told them to be. They have no real clue as to why they are there. To them, the age-old excuse of blaming the Jews for everything works. They see the “oppression” the people in Gaza are alleging, and they are buying it wholesale. Refusing to acknowledge when a video or photo is AI, or when Hamas uses dolls to make it seem like kids are being killed, they just become more enraged for no reason.

While the Russia-Ukraine conflict tried to play itself out in social media, it never reached the fever pitch that Israel and Palestine/Gaza/Hamas have reached. The clear-cut division between the two and how quickly people rushed to align themselves with the people of Palestine alarmed even the harshest of skeptics and Middle East experts.

The LAPD needs to come down hard on these terrorists. They were causing a massive disturbance, potentially plotting a large-scale terrorist attack, and had no legitimate reason for being there. While the right to the freedom of speech is something that we intrinsically have as Americans, we have laws about doing so on a large scale like this. Suffice it to say, all of this is a shining example of what this should not look like.