Lady Packing Some Heat Stops Crazed Gunman

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For decades, liberals have been pushing for more gun control. In their twisted sense of morality, fewer law-abiding people carrying guns means more safety for all. Yet as conservatives have proven time and time again, nothing stops a bad guy with a gun faster, more efficiently, and with less collateral damage than a good guy with a gun.

On November 6th, Unterio M. Jolly was making his way through Shelby, NC. As Shelby Police Capt. Seth Treadway tells the tale to the local paper, the Shelby Star, Jolly and another male confronted one another in a very antagonizing manner.

“Then they kind of go their separate ways, and about a half an hour after [Jolly] shows up with a gun and shoots [the other male] in the face and the shoulder. Right after he does that … a concerned citizen shoots back trying to protect [the other male] and hits Jolly about five times. She shoots him five times.”

Dropped quickly, Jolly was rushed to a Charlotte hospital where he was last known to be in critical but stable condition. The victim of Jolly’s shooting is expected to live, but specifics on his condition were not given.

In the meantime, Jolly is being charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, a firearm by a felon, and assault by pointing a gun. Treadway says detectives have determined Jolly was the aggressor and expects no charges to be filed against the woman.

This is the kind of case that drills home multiple points about gun ownership. Largely, it points out that people who choose to arm themselves need to be prepared to use it at a moment’s notice, and that they need to stay sharp on their skills and put in the necessary range time to become proficient and stay that way.