Judge Hands Trump a Gift: Trial at Warp Speed

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

If you know much about legal proceedings, it’s that they are often long and far too drawn out. But that may not be the case for Donald Trump’s more recent indictment trial.

As you know, Trump is facing charges for allegedly mishandling classified documents. With such sensitive information, as well as the high profile of the case, you would expect the whole thing to be exceptionally long.

However, the federal overseeing the case just put out her trial start date in a mere two months.

According to a report by Politico, Judge Aileen M. Cannon has set the trial date for August 14.

While the Sixth Constitutional Amendment guarantees the right to a speedy trial, the reality is that speed and the legal system don’t usually work hand in hand.

The more time until the trial gives defense lawyers the time needed to scour every word of necessary documents. Similarly, it gives the prosecution more time to build their case, find additional resources, and follow leads.

And in a case like Trump’s, every second will count – especially now that an up-and-coming trial date has been set.

What this means is that both Trump’s lawyers and federal prosecutors will be required to file motions and such in July. And all involved in the case will be expected to appear in Florida for pretrial negotiations in early August.

Then again, it could be good for Trump.

With an early trial date, it will give him an excuse to miss the first 2024 primary debates, which he was already talking about skipping. But it will also mean that by the time 2024 and its campaign season starts in earnest, Trump will no longer have large legal issues looming over his head.

He’ll be free to take on his opponents without distraction – and most likely win.