Illegals Trying To Rush Border Forced Texas Bridge Closure

David Peinado Romero /
David Peinado Romero /

Eagle Pass, TX, is a massive port of entry along the US-Mexico border. Located southwest of San Antonio, the border is filled with highways running in multiple directions, making it a prime spot to cross the border. Featuring numerous lanes, amenities on either side of the border, and a well-staffed location, it is a top choice for travel going in any direction. This also makes it a tremendous corridor for illegals to cross over.

On July 26th, a group of illegals waiting to cross the border was tired of waiting in Mexico for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) appointments. Around 7:50 pm local time, they assaulted a gate guard on the Mexico side of the border and rushed the bridge. Made up of mostly Venezuelan illegals, the group attempted to force their way across the one port and was stopped by CBP officials. With all gates and traffic now stopped, they were stuck.

With Mexican authorities telling them that all would be fine if they would just return and wait, they instead retreated, got off the bridge, and tried climbing in the Rio Grande as well. Met with a wall of sound courtesy of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) loudspeaker, the recorded message informed them that crossing via the river was illegal and could net them a trespassing charge and ruin any attempts at asylum.

Faced with this decision, the group again retreated. This time to an island in the river, where they slowly snuck off, presumably back to Mexico, but no official word has been issued thus far. The show of force by CBP, DPS, and the Texas National Guard was unprecedented, and so was the attack. As a precautionary measure, the city’s other bridge was also shut down during the hour of this ordeal.

Starting in June, the enhanced criminal trespass laws from Texas have resulted in a massive decline in the number of illegals attempting to enter the state. Both signs and voice recordings in English and Spanish warn anyone attempting to cross illegally and make it abundantly clear that they are not wanted this way. A Class B misdemeanor, the charge can carry a fine of up to $2,000 and 180 days in jail without enhancements. For many, this can also mean a bar to asylum as they would now be a criminal in the US.

Speaking with Breitbart, a CBP official commented about their concerns. “When our ports close, the delays are an inconvenience for shoppers and commuters. The delay for commercial transport, however, is more costly and can result in the loss of perishable commodities vital to our economy.”

This is a massive concern. If the illegals can shut down our bridge for an hour with just 50 of them, imagine what groups of 200 could do. Especially in big port cities like Laredo, El Paso, or Tijuana. An inconvenience like this would be something that would be catastrophic for the American economy.

Not to mention the terrorism concern. Downplayed by the Biden administration and mainstream media, multiple foreign nationals from across the Middle East and Africa have been detained at or near the border. With no knowing of what they brought over or what they are trying to bring over, there is a significant risk to the American people, as well as our commerce.

The actions of these illegals put the CBP, DPS, and Texas National Guard in a very difficult position. Their rules of engagement are clearly written, and they favor the illegals. While a show of force is authorized, discharging their weapons or even using flashbangs is highly frowned upon. At this point, unless Biden or Texas Gov. Abbott will authorize deadly force or more aggressive tactics, the US border will be overrun in short order.