Illegals in NYC Setup Underground Economy

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Following a year and a half’s worth of shuffling illegal immigrants away from southern border towns to New York City, and Democratic Mayor Eric Adams isn’t ready to admit defeat and surrender their status as a sanctuary city. Instead, he is more than happy to keep tanking the city and watching as the city is destroyed from the inside out. With fellow liberal and Governor Cath Hochul supporting the idea of resettling them across the state as a way to boost the labor force, these two tone-deaf bastards don’t realize what they have started.

Initially covered by the New York Times, illegals who were interviewed detailed the beginnings and boom of what they could only describe as an “underground economy.”

With so many being forced to pay significant costs to Mexican cartels to be smuggled through Mexico and to the US border, they were forced to take loans to pay them off quickly. Avoiding the interest that keeps many imprisoned for decades is not a cheap feat, but important if they want to truly taste the freedom they yearned for. As the NYT uncovered, though, people are doing anything they have to to make the money they need.

One man from Venezuela detailed how he was forced into thousands of dollars in debt to pay them off. With no choice but to pay, he had to get his wife and three kids across the border, or he would likely die trying. Now he is handing over $400 a week to make use of a moped and $150 a week to use a phone with “Jessica” as the UberEats delivery driver. Running all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, he provides the main source of income for the family.

According to him, back in July, he was pulling down $900 in a week, only to keep $300 after paying for the Uber Eats account and moped rental. To help make up for some of that money, his wife has been cleaning homes throughout Queens. At $80 a pop, she isn’t making up much ground very quickly. They aren’t alone, either.

For a man from Ecuador, he expected life in the US to be easier. Hearing stories of wealth, opportunity, and advancement abound in the US, he came here expecting an easier life. Stuck taking 12-hour shifts running food for Uber Eats, he, too, is paying off the drug smugglers with the cartel for his travel here.

Reports of kids slinging candy along the subways and other stories have been incredibly prevalent in recent reports. These illegals are coming here with little to nothing and grabbing whatever they can to try and turn it into more. The problem is they are criminally undercutting people. The person “renting” these people their accounts and mopeds is making money hand over fist in these operations. They know exactly what their target market is, and they are getting the money weekly for simply having the legal opportunity to do something.

With American workers being cut out by these illegals, it is making an already stressed and fragile workforce even more frustrated. Skyrocketing the moped rental rates is already insulting to New Yorkers enough, but undercutting people on UberEats makes it even harder for people to attain their 5-star ratings and makes it harder to keep. With these illegals running 12+ hours a day, they keep an insane delivery rate, and they keep Americans from getting the best deliveries and with the highest tips.

This kind of misuse and abuse of our systems is exactly what the American people don’t need. We need to have a country free of these parasites, but Mayor Adams and others just keep encouraging them to come here, to breed more, and to invite their friends and family. Illegal or done right, makes no difference to them. They’ll just make it faster, easier, and cheaper if they come illegally. Just pay the cartels, and everything will be hunky-spunky. The underground will help.