How Biden Might Be Able to Win 2024

Niamh Blanchard /
Niamh Blanchard /

It’s no secret that Democratic President Joe Biden has an uphill battle ahead if he’s to win both the Democratic nomination for president in 2024 and then the general election. However, there is one way that might make such a task easier.

According to Philip Allen Lacovara, former US deputy solicitor general, the key will be bringing back former President Barack Obama and adding him to the 2024 ticket as Biden’s running mate and potential vice president.

To be sure, it’s one hell of a ‘Hail Mary.’ And one that’s completely laughable. Although, as Lacovara points out, it may be doable, at least in theory.

Lacovara correctly notes that Biden’s approval rating is as dismal as ever. And Vice President Kamala Harris’s is even worse. There’s no way they can win as things stand now.

However, if Harris were to be replaced by Barack Obama, the odds of a win would substantially go up – and all without alienating a certain and critical constituency. In fact, Lacovara says Obama is the “only person who could practically guarantee Biden’s reelection.”

The only problem is that, well, as a former two-term president, Obama’s eligibility to run as vice president is questionable.

But he argues both the 12th and 22nd Amendments, which stand in Obama’s way, could be interpreted to allow such a move, should the Supreme Court agree.

He points out that the 22nd Amendment states that no one can be “elected to the office of the President more than twice.” It says nothing about running as vice president, which Obama hasn’t done.

As far as the 12th Amendment goes, “no person constitutionally ineligible” for the office of president can be eligible for Vice President. Most of us would take that to mean that since Obama isn’t qualified to run as president, he also can’t run for VP.

But Lacovara says that may be interpreted only to mean that Obama must be of a certain age, a citizen, and a resident, to be eligible for that role.

Of course, that means the Supreme Court could have to interpret it the same way.

Oh, and it still in no way “guarantees” another Biden win. What a laughable idea, indeed.