House Dems Want Biden to Give Obama an Official Role

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

As you likely know, our Middle Eastern ally, Israel, is in the midst of an ongoing war with the terrorist group Hamas. And while we all want the fighting to stop, one freshman Democrat is being particularly naïve about how that should happen.

Introducing Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Representative Shri Thanedar.
In a social media post made on Tuesday, Thanedar suggested what much of the political left has been offering from the beginning of the conflict that began on October 7 when

Hamas brutally attacked Israel. He wants a ceasefire.

But unlike some, his plan is for a temporary ceasefire, 72 hours to be exact, or at least until some negotiations can be done. In particular, Thanedar wants the release of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas to be negotiated.

Additionally, he says such a ceasefire could lead to the “surrender of Hamas leaders responsible for the Oct. 7 attack.”

Clearly, Thanedar is about as green, or as desperate, as they come. As more than a few pointed out in comments to his post, Hamas has already proved and admitted that they have just one goal: to destroy Israel. A ceasefire and negotiations to confirm that will only give them a break and time to recoup.


But that’s not even the worst part of Thanedar’s plan.

You see, he wants to see Barack Obama be appointed by Biden for the official role of negotiator.

As he wrote, “I can think of no one better than former President Barack Obama to lead these efforts.”

To be clear, there are likely worse candidates for such a job fool hearty job. But there are certainly better ones, too.

For starters, you might remember that during his tenure in the White House, Obama didn’t exactly get along with Israel, or at least their prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, both Obama and a “senior Obama official” were known to be singularly hostile towards Netanyahu. The Obama official even called the prime minister “chickensh*t” once.

It is noted that Netanyahu is still Israel’s prime minister.

So it’s unlikely that either Jerusalem or Obama himself would assume these negotiations would go well.

Then, of course, there is the fact that it was Obama who orchestrated the disastrous Iran nuclear deal that has led the terrorists of Tehran to maintain their grip on power in the Middle East. It is, after all, Iran’s money and resources that are funding Hamas, as well as their sister terrorist group, Hezbollah.

So again, the likelihood that Obama would court Israel’s needs and wishes on the matter doesn’t look particularly good.

I must also point out that since Hamas attacked Israel, and the only democracy in the Middle East was forced to defend herself, Obama hasn’t exactly placed the blame on the terrorists. In fact, he’s actually said, “Nobody’s hands are clean,” implying that Israel is at least partially to blame here.

Again, not something you want a negotiator for our ally saying, let alone believing.
Thankfully, Thanedar’s plan isn’t likely to go anywhere beyond a proposition.

As we all know, Biden is unlikely to put the man who’s always been hovering over him in a role that would only certify he’s the lesser of the two.

Likewise, Obama probably isn’t too gung-ho about taking on a no-win situation. Plus, he would actually have to work at it.

Of course, there’s also this…

As I said, Thanedar is a bit naïve, to be sure.