Hollywood Actually Just Put Christ at the Center of a Christmas Film…

Fer Gregory / shutterstock.com
Fer Gregory / shutterstock.com

If you were raised in a Christian home as I was, it’s quite possible you grew up being read the story of Christmas as a child every December. And now, it seems, Hollywood wants to ensure everyone knows that story.

As you likely know, the story of Christmas, the real story, follows the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of the one true God and savior of the world. As I mentioned, Christians like you and I have read the story, which is undoubtedly numerous times throughout the years, whether by loving parents or grandparents or by a Sunday school teacher.

However, for kids not used to growing up in such an atmosphere, names like Jesus, Mary, Joseph, or Bethlehem are all but non-existent, at least not in the context of Christ and his birth.

Instead, and thanks to Hollywood, most children learn that Christmas, while still a magical time, is about getting and not giving, hearing sleigh bells on the roof, boarding a magical train, and asking a fat man in a red suit for their favorite toys.

To be sure, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with those whimsical ideals.

However, without the true story of Jesus, none of that really means anything.

And now, it seems at least some in Hollywood want to share that story with the world.

Affirm Films, a division of Sony Pictures, has decided to release a true Christmas movie. It’s called Journey to Bethlehem and will be released in theaters on November 10.

Now, of course, Affirm and co-writers Peter Barsocchini and Adam Anders have taken certain liberties with the film. For starters, it’s a musical.

Then again, it seems to follow the story of Jesus’ birth quite well, including the three wise men, jealous King Herrod, and virgin birth in a barn.

It even has some rather big names, including Antonio Banderas, Christian singer Lecrae, Fiona Paloma, and Milo Manheim.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think.