Hawaii Wildfire Victims Learn That Joe Biden is the Biggest Liar on Planet Earth During Insulting Visit

Gary Varvel / creators.com
Gary Varvel / creators.com

Joe and Jill Biden finally got around to traveling to Hawaii on Monday, thirteen days after those devastating space laser wildfires ripped through portions of Maui, killing untold hundreds of people. Here’s the warm welcome that Joe and Jill received from the locals upon arrival (NSFW language):

Looking on the bright side, that was the first time in history that dozens of people showed up to enthusiastically greet Joe Biden.

Things didn’t get much better from there. Joe Biden gave a speech in which he proved, once again, that he is a serial liar and a sociopath. Biden has always been incapable of empathy for others. Instead of simply expressing sorrow like a normal person, he tried to make the Hawaii wildfires all about himself.

In his completely tone-deaf address, Dementia Joe told the stunned crowd that he, too, had been touched by the tragedy of a fire. He claimed that while he was out of town once, there was a lightning strike right next to his house in Delaware. He then claimed that bolts of electricity shot out of his HVAC ducts and set the house on fire. This never happened, by the way. It was a small kitchen fire that did minor damage to the interior of one of the Bidens’ mansions.

Biden then declared that he nearly lost his wife, his ’67 Corvette, and his cat in that small kitchen fire.

Keep in mind that the Hawaiians in the crowd during this speech have 41 cadaver dogs scouring the remains of Lahaina looking for nearly 800 missing people—many of them children—who burned to death in the fires. The death toll stands at 480 as of this writing.

Biden had already enraged Americans by sending Hawaiians who lost everything in the fires just $700 each in federal aid before turning around and demanding another $25 billion for Ukraine. He literally could care less about the suffering of Americans.

“As bad as this looks, it’s actually worse,” said Sen. Brian Schatz. “What you can’t see is the damage to utility infrastructure. What you can’t see is the thousands of kids who are trying to figure out how to go to school this fall. What you can’t see is the first responders who went into the flames without regard for their own safety and had their own homes burned down.”

There have also been disturbing reports from Hawaiians that their insurance claims are being rejected on technicalities. Moments after they find this out, they receive a call from a realtor asking to buy their land on the cheap.

Speculation is running rampant that elites like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are trying to gobble up as much beachfront property as they can while the community still suffering. Thousands are in shelters and have received blankets, food, and water, but the devastated community of Lahaina may never recover. And all that Joe Biden can talk about is his cat and his stupid Corvette.