Greg Gutfeld Riding High as Competitors’ Writers Are All on Strike

Olga Ganovicheva /
Olga Ganovicheva /

Almost all of America’s late-night and daytime television shows are on hiatus right now, due to a strike by the Writer’s Guild of America. One show that’s not suffering at all, and which will likely benefit a lot from the strike, is Gutfeld! on Fox News. Greg Gutfeld’s writers don’t belong to the WGA, so it’s business as usual at the top-rated late-night show.

Gutfeld is cranking out new episodes of his show every weeknight, while his lame competitors are forced to put on re-runs. The Fox News late-night show has been one of only a couple of programs on the network that haven’t suffered any ratings losses in the past two weeks, for two reasons.

First, Greg Gutfeld is one of the only hosts on Fox News who hasn’t thrown his friend Tucker Carlson under the bus. (Jesse Watters being the other.) Gutfeld has spoken out favorably about his friend, and viewers who are otherwise abandoning Fox News are sticking by Gutfeld. Second, Gutfeld is genuinely funny, unlike all his competitors.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and all the others haven’t been funny since about 2015. Their brains were broken by Donald Trump, which makes them incapable of talking about anything else, while simultaneously being vicious, nasty and unfunny. Nobody wants to watch that.

Even The View on ABC is being hit hard by the writer’s strike. Whoopie Goldberg admitted this week that the dialogue is awkward this week because the writers who “polish” their banter are on strike. We knew the harpies on The View were phonies, but who knew it was that bad? They can’t even talk to each other about issues without it being scripted?

Gutfeld is riding high right now, and hopefully some of those new viewers who are checking out the show will stick with him. He deserves it, and so do his writers.