Foreign Reporter Uses Bud Light as an Example of What NOT to Do

PJiiiJane /
PJiiiJane /

Here in America, it’s easy to forget that companies like Bud Light don’t just affect us. But as one Australian reporter warns, that doesn’t mean its chances of success are any better.

Sky News host Rita Panahi recently cited the American beer company’s major business blunder as a warning to all those in her own country, noting that “go woke, go broke” isn’t just some cutesy line we through about randomly. She also stated how conservative Americans have since dealt with Bud Light could quite easily be adopted in her country to peacefully put the radical left in their place.

Calling it a roadmap of sorts, Panahi remarked that unlike when the progressive get fed up with something, American conservatives have successfully put their foot down, and without all the drama and destruction of the political left. There have been no burning buildings, bricks being thrown, or attacks on law enforcement.

Instead, what’s happened is that a company learned the hard way that virtue signaling and not being in tune with their audience and customer base could be a death knell, even for those on the top.

As Panahi noted, some seven weeks after Bud Light’s disastrous partnership with trans activism, their parent company has lost a whopping $7.4 billion as beer drinkers far and wide have boycotted the brand.

And if this can happen to a company so well-known and previously beloved as Bud Light, it can happen to anyone.

Panahi said, “Bud Light’s woes should serve as a warning to Australian corporates who think their political activism… will not lead to a consumer backlash. Insulting or even just annoying a significant portion of your market is a foolhardy exercise indeed.”

We can only hope that companies worldwide are looking at this situation as a very real warning and example of what not to do. If they didn’t know it before, they certainly do now: We hold the power.