Fetterman on Why He Looks Different: I Lost a Bet


If you haven’t noticed, Pennsylvania Democrat and Senator John Fetterman has changed his looks a few times in his short career in Congress. His latest is apparently the result of losing a bet.

If you remember correctly, Fetterman isn’t your typical senator. For starters, he has tattoos and prefers to wear sweatshirts and shorts over just about any professional apparel.

Secondly, he had a stroke shortly before he was even elected, putting a severe damper on his abilities to do his job, mainly speaking, which he’s never done really well in public. You’ll also remember that, due to a severe bout of chronic depression, he was a no-show for several months.

Now that things have supposedly gone back to normal (at least where his health is concerned) and he’s gotten more used to wearing suits, he’s decided to change up his facial hair.

Thanks to a selfie posted to his X account (formerly known as Twitter), we know that Fetterman is now sporting a mustache. And according to his only comment on the new look, he “Lost a bet with Karl.” Karl is his son so the bet could be harmless enough.

However, no comment has been made on the bet’s nature.

In any case, the older Fetterman appears to have lost. And so instead of the full beard, he wore just days earlier, according to another X post, a mustache now graces his face.

And as many a social media user has pointed out, it makes the senator look quite a bit like Walter White, a character from “Breaking Bad” played by Bryan Cranston.

Some said he looked like a chemistry teacher now, which was White’s vocation before he became one of the nation’s supposed notorious meth dealers. Others noted that while there were some similarities between the two men, this was a much sadder one.

So what do you think of the new look?