Do They Have Any Shame? NYC Pro-Palestine Protesters Invade Cancer Center

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Wirestock Creators /

On January 15th, pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets of New York City to once again protest the conditions in Gaza. Organized by a Palestine-led group calling themselves “Within Our Lifetime,” they chose MLK Day to protest for healthcare. With pro-Palestine signs, drummers, and Palestinian flags, the group marched, eventually taking their protest to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The unnamed “leader” of their chants used a megaphone to encourage the group to go after the cancer center, which treats both adults and children. “And we continue to march as we talk about another complicit institution, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center!! Make sure they hear you, they’re in the windows!!”

In that window? A child with a face mask on, with four adults watching the commotion unfold outside. Footage of the protest showed the group laying out bundles of fabric to represent deal Palestinians. Some were wrapped in flags, the piles were blood stained, and came with the “Genocide Joe has got to go!!” chants the group has become infamous for.

A protest like this outside a cancer center is simply classless. The patients inside need real help, and they need it now. Unlike the Palestinians in Gaza, these cancer patients didn’t provoke the attack their own bodies have waged on their livelihood. Instead, they are fighting quite literally for their lives. There are no escape routes or ability to distance themselves from the savage toll cancer takes on the body.

From the looks of it, they are about two steps away from joining the Westboro Baptist Church and protesting funerals. They should be drowning in shame for acting like this, but their self-righteous, woke ideology won’t let them.