DeSantis Would Eliminate 3 Cabinet Departments – Plus the IRS

The Old Major /
The Old Major /

As the 2024 presidential race, or at least the primaries, heat up, candidates far and wide are beginning their pledge to Americans. For Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, that means vowing to nix a few federal cabinets in their entirety.

According to a recent interview with Fox News’s Martha MacCallum on Wednesday, DeSantis was asked about the possibility of “eliminating any agencies.” After all, it’s something that GOP members are usually for.

So it shouldn’t have been a shock that DeSantis answered in the affirmative. Naturally, he then went on to list the agencies or federal departments he would seek to do away with.

Those include the Energy, Education, and Commerce departments, as well as the Internal Revenue Service.

“We would do Education, we would do Commerce, we’d do Energy, and we would do IRS.”

He continued adding, “If Congress will work with me on doing that, we’ll be able to reduce the size and scope of government.”

Of course, he’s not so unrealistic to think that Congress will just bend and do whatever he wants should he win the White House.

And so, he also has plans to use those very departments, should Congress not agree or up until they do, “to push back against woke ideology and against the leftism that we see creeping into all institution of American life.”

Can you hear the swamp creatures crying?

The words had barely left DeSantis’ mouth, and already howls from the political left were heard. NBC, for one, claimed that DeSantis was taking an even harder-to-the-right stance than Trump.

Of course, there are plenty of social media users that wholeheartedly agree with DeSantis on this plan. And others had a few more agencies they would like DeSantis to add to the list.

I would have to agree. But DeSantis can only do so much at once. And this sounds like a pretty good start.