DeSantis and Trump Mending Fences?

As I am sure you’ve heard by now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has bowed out of the presidential race. Additionally, he has begun mending fences with former President and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

As you likely remember, Trump and DeSantis always seemed to be on the same page, from their COVID response and foreign policy to immigration and more. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons many supported DeSantis in his own run for the White House. To many, he was quite simply a younger and less controversial option.

But when DeSantis decided to run, the two essentially became each other’s enemies.

Trump nicknamed the Florida governor “DeSanctimonious,” and DeSantis made it abundantly clear that he was no longer a fan of the former president.

But now, it appears the two are mending fences for the party’s sake if nothing else.

Shortly after announcing his decision to drop out of the race, DeSantis also endorsed Trump for the Republican nomination.

In a video posted to his X account, he noted that Trump is clearly the choice for most GOP voters, and that means he should be listening to them. Besides, “Trump is superior to the current incumbent, Joe Biden. That is clear.”

He further explained that Trump is the only way we don’t “go back to the old Republican guard of yesteryear, a repackage formed of warmed-over corporatism that Nikki Haley represents.”

And it seems Trump is grateful for such an endorsement.

As he said on Sunday, he’s officially retiring the nickname “DeSanctimonious” and is even “very honored to have his endorsement.” Additionally, Trump noted that it would be a pleasure to work alongside DeSantis again to “beat Joe Biden, who is the worst and most corrupt president in the history of our country.”

It’s time for unity in the Republican Party. And Trump and DeSantis seem more than willing to bury the hatchet and work together for the sake of the nation.